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Angela King on Body Sovereignty vs. Medical Apartheid

First half hour: Bestselling author and activist Angela Stanton King doesn’t pull her punches: “The attempt to force people to take the Covid-19 vaccine against their wishes disproportionately hurts and impacts the BLACK community. Saying BLACK people are incapable of making their own decisions and forcing them to follow orders or be discriminated against is the latest form of medical apartheid…Medical apartheid is population control. Population control comes in different forms: vaccines, abortions, mass incarceration, and perverted sexual agendas targeting children. Population control is racist! From the WOMB to the TOMB, it’s time Y’all!”

Angela Stanton-King is a former U.S. Congressional Candidate for Georgia’s 5th District and the Founder and President of the American King Foundation – whose mission is to reunite American families separated by mass incarceration and human trafficking with a pathway to justice, economic stability, and relational wellness.

Second half hour: Mr. Rho joins us to discuss the Ukraine crisis and where it’s all heading.

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