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FFWN: Biowar World War 3! Has It Already Started?

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above.  We are NOT broadcasting on my YouTube channel  this week due to censorship.

Guest host J. Michael Springmann


1) Help FFWN Disrupt the War Propaganda Kool-Aid Party

2) 9/11CON – The Pentagon Saturday March 19 – 4 Researchers | 4 Theories

Biowar Plandemic  

3) ‘People’s Convoy’ circles Beltway for second day of pandemic-related demonstrations TK News Video

4) COVID Holocaust Kills 6 Million—Then Ends

Biowar on Russia

5) Pepe Escobar: Russia Pre-Empted Nukes, Bio-Weapons, and a Donbass Blitz

6) Biowar World War 3! Has It Already Started? (with Ron Unz)

7) Russia Tells the US “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons”

8) Russian Gen. Kirillov statement on 30 US biowar labs in Ukraine

9) US-funded labs in Ukraine dealt with bat coronavirus, Moscow claims 

10) Moscow calls for strengthening bioweapons treaty with verification measures

10A) MSM mendaciously pushes back against bioweapons story


11) American Pravda: Putin as Hitler? 

12) Revenge of the Putin-Nazis! 

Lying MSM War Propaganda (debunked at )

13) Ukraine’s insane lies, echoed by MSM, are okay, because they’re good for morale

14) Russia wins militarily, but loses propaganda war to Western MSM liars  -the Saker 

15) Hatemongering NYT Incites Ukrainians to Suicidal Insanity

16) ‘I Just Can’t Stand By’: MSM-Brainwashed American Mercenaries Join NATO’s War on Russia

17) 13846 detentions occurred at anti-war actions in Russia, starting from February 24 (claims CIA/Soros/EU-funded “Russian opposition” site)

18) Thousands detained at anti-war protests across RussiaThousands detained at anti-war protests across Russia

19) Police arrest more than 3000 people as protests grow across Russia

20) “The Russian attack aircraft bites the dust” — More lying “ghost of Kiev” bullshit?

21) Children Buried in Wreckage as Russia Deals ‘Colossal’ Damage to Hospital—Yet Another Kuwait Baby Incubator Psy-op?

22) “Maternity Hospital Bombing” WAS Yet Another Ridiculous Psy-Op


23) Maria Baronova (suspected anti-9/11-truth pro-oligarch traitor) fears ‘we’re on the brink of a nuclear war’ after quitting Russian state-run media over Ukraine


24) Information Blockades – How and Why? (Larry Romanoff) 

25) DuckDuckGone: Zionist CEO announces capitulation to NWO censorship regime

Russia-Ukraine Backgrounders

26) Rumble uploads Oliver Stone documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ after YouTube censors it

27) Declaration of Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop, Former Apostolic Nuncio to The United States of America, on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis 

28) The Great Russian Restoration: Patriots Defeat Neoliberal Globalist (Disproportionately Jewish) Oligarchs

29) Outside the West, Putin is less isolated than you might think 

30) Who Wants War with Russia? The (9/11 perp) neocons 

31) The American Empire Self-Destructs, But Nobody Thought That It Would Happen This Fast 

Odds & Ends

32) Trump jokes about false-flagging Russia into war with China

33) House Democrats To Host At Annual Retreat A Drag Queen Who Called Biden ‘Senile,’ Has History Of Trashing Democrats

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