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Michael Maloof (ex-Feith/Wurmsur/Wolfowitz/Cheney colleague) on what changed his views

Listen HERE Less than a month after 9/11, Pentagon official Michael Maloof was called to Douglas Feith’s office to work with David Wurmsur on the Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group project aligned with then-SecDef Paul Wolfowitz and VP Dick Cheney’s office: “Wurmser and Maloof’s ‘matrix’ leads them to conclude that Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other groups with conflicting ideologies and objectives are allowing these differences to fall to the wayside as they discover their shared hatred of the US. The group’s research also leads them to believe that al-Qaeda has a presence in such places as Latin America. For weeks, the…


Thaddeus Kozinski on “Modernity as Apocalypse”

Listen HERE Philosophy and humanities teacher Thaddeus Kozinski discusses his new book Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos. “With a questioning spirit not unlike that of Socrates, the ‘gadfly’ of Athens, Thaddeus Kozinski here examines modernity through a variety of lenses—historical, cultural, philosophical, theological, anthropological, psychological, political, pedagogical—casting light on the Logos that the sacred nihilism of liberalism has so obscured, and unmasking its myriad counterfeits.” After doing False Flag Weekly News with E. Michael Jones this morning, then interviewing Thaddeus Kozinski eight hours later, I’ve been privileged to talk to two of America’s most important Catholic…