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Thaddeus Kozinski on “Modernity as Apocalypse”

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Philosophy and humanities teacher Thaddeus Kozinski discusses his new book Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos.

“With a questioning spirit not unlike that of Socrates, the ‘gadfly’ of Athens, Thaddeus Kozinski here examines modernity through a variety of lenses—historical, cultural, philosophical, theological, anthropological, psychological, political, pedagogical—casting light on the Logos that the sacred nihilism of liberalism has so obscured, and unmasking its myriad counterfeits.”

After doing False Flag Weekly News with E. Michael Jones this morning, then interviewing Thaddeus Kozinski eight hours later, I’ve been privileged to talk to two of America’s most important Catholic thinkers in one day.

In this interview Thaddeus Kozinski discusses the growing movement, both at the grassroots level and in academia, questioning the once-sacrosanct elite consensus in favor of secular liberalism:

Peter Simpson lays it out very well, the question of the genealogy of modernity. What we have in liberalism is a kind of simulacra, a counterfeit. And it really fools people, because it seems to have all the bells and whistles that you want, even as a religious person. Everybody likes liberalism. Everyone loves to be able to have autonomy and individual rights and comfort and self-determination. And atheists and secularists say ‘this is great, we have no established religion, this is progress, this is human flourishing at its finest. We no longer have the oppressive rule of throne and altar. Go, go Enlightenment!’ And then the religious people say, ‘well, it’s too bad that we don’t have more religion in the culture and better family values. But at least I can go to church and raise my family as I like and homeschool. So it’s good. It’s a good bargain.”

As long as I can keep my kids away from Drag Queen Story Hour.

“Yeah. ‘And maybe I’ll protest that, and I’ll feel good about protesting it. But nothing will happen, of course. But if the public culture wants to have drag queens as their saint, as their storyteller, as their educator of children, well, I guess that’s the price to pay for me to be able to have my traditional religious views and live them out.’ So this bargain has been made for hundreds of years.  But I think something is happening now that’s new. I think scholars coming out, and people in the alternative media, and people like E. Michael Jones and Peter Simpson and DC Schindler. But not just the academics. There seems to be a populist understanding that even the most classical liberalism, not just the ideological atheism of the French Revolution, even the so-called good liberalism of the Anglo-American cast, even that really never exposed itself for what it was. And now we’re seeing its underbelly, which is pretty much diabolical, as DC Schindler calls it in his book Freedom from Reality. It’s diabolical, as Schindler says, because it’s counterfeit. Because it presents itself as substantive and real. But it actually has no substance. And that’s the situation we’re in. And Plato really depicted this well. He prophecized this in his cave allegory.”

Later in the interview Dr. Kozinsky discusses the ongoing false flag epidemic as an example of today’s diabolical elite manipulating shadows on the walls of Plato’s cave.

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