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FFWN: Criticism of Israel Now Banned by Executive Order (with E. Michael Jones)

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1) Support FFWN…It’s Double-Plus Ungood!

2) Road to 9/11 Justice? A Year-End Update from the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

2.5)  #FreeJahar : Innocent Boston Marathon patsy begins appeal to overturn his death sentence   Evidence he’s innocent:

Saudis, Pensacola, & 9/11

3) Six Saudis Said to Be Questioned After Pensacola Navy Base Shooting

4) Three Were Filming Attack

5) Flashback: 9/11 “Hijacker” Patsies Lived and Trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station

6) Saudi murders revive 9/11’s unanswered questions


7) Kissinger Opposes Impeachment (Posted by pro Trump Sinclair Employee James Rosen)

Anti-Semitism: Threat or Menace?

8) NYT: A Vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Is a Vote for Anti-Semitism

9) Outrage over Harvey “Kick Anti-Semites in the Ass” Weinstein sex abuse settlement offer

10) Ronald Lauder is funding a $25 million campaign against anti-Semitism in US politics

11) Trump to issue executive order to fight antisemitism on college campuses (imposing insane IHRA definition)  IHRA Definition of Anti-Semitism: A Racist Lie

12) Trump Calls Jews “Brutal Killers, Not Nice People at All” Then Demands Their Money and Votes

13) Trump Vows to “Finish the Job Hitler Started”—Jewish Audience Stunned (SATIRE!)

War on Islam

14) Washington Post: Top US officials repeatedly misled public about Afghanistan War

15) What you should know about India’s ‘anti-Muslim’ (MUSLIM BAN) citizenship bill

16) “We made it up”: Ex-Infowars editor says he published lies about Muslim community to spread hate

17) I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.

18) Israeli “Hate Factory” Manufactures Facebook Islamophobia

Axis of Resistance

19) ‘Nuke aimed at Iran’? Tehran raises alarm after Israel test-fires mystery rocket in broad daylight

20) The Agents of Chaos Have Failed – The “Axis of the Resistance” Has the Upper Hand in Lebanon

21) What really happened in Iran? -Pepe Escobar

22) The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil

War on Turkey

23) Erdogan bashes Israel, calls on Muslims to unite against the West

24) Turkey May Close Incirlik Air Base for US Over Sanctions Against S-400 Purchase – Foreign Minister—foreign-minister/

War on Russia & China

25) Joe Scarborough Blasts Senator Ted Cruz for Helping ‘Ex KGB Agent Putin’ by Spouting Russian Propaganda

26) Chinese government to replace foreign hardware and software within three years

Culture Wars


28) Church of the Open Borders: ‘Caged nativity’ is the perfect religious display for a politics that permits no heresy

29) Spokane Prosecutes Pastor For Trying To Pray For Kids At Public Library Drag Queen Show

Epstein Still Didn’t Kill Himself

30) Co-Pilot of Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet Reveals Bill Clinton Was Frequent Guest – Investigator

31) Virginia Roberts claims the FBI have warned her there is ‘a credible death threat made against her’ following Prince Andrew interview and Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘suicide’

32) Wall of banana exhibit vandalized with lipstick at Art Basel: ‘Epstien didn’t kill himself’

Black Hole Causing Toilets to Malfunction?

33) Why astrophysicists think there’s a black hole in our solar system

34) Trump claims Americans have to flush the toilet ’10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once’

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: Criticism of Israel Now Banned by Executive Order (with E. Michael Jones)”

  1. Marx

    Really offensive to hear Barrett say “Hitler was the single most important figure” in the dispossession of Palestinians.
    Effectively lets Jewish terrorists off the hook and piles on to the demonization of Germans.

    1. I said he was the Zionists biggest PR asset (which is obviously true) NOT the “most important figure.”

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