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Palestine Great March of Return Anniversary special!

Listen HERE First 20 minutes: Palestinian blogger and activist Maisoon Rice joins us to discuss the amazing history of Palestinian resistance. References: “Quora Answer: What Have Palestinians Ever Given the World?” Chris Hedges “Gaza Diary” “One year on from protests, Gaza civilians’ devastating injuries highlight urgent need for arms embargo on Israel” “Al-Quds is not Jerusalem, A Contribution to Correcting Palestine’s History” and  “Imaginative Palestine: Land of Torah in Ancient Yemen” (two volumes) in Arabic. Confirmed by two Yemeni historians in VT article Next 10 minutes: Kevin discusses the Israel lobby’s dominance of US politics with Marzieh Hashemi on Press TV,…


Bibi’s false flag “Hamas rocket attack”: Kevin Barrett vs. Maxine Dovere

Press TV A rocket attack from the Gaza Strip has hit deep inside Tel Aviv, causing property damage and injuries. This comes on top of another 2 rockets that hit Tel Aviv just recently. Although no one has claimed responsibility for the most recent attack, Israel blames Hamas. In this edition of the debate, we’ll look at why at the timing of the attacks, especially coming at the crucial election time in Israel. Palestinians say the attacks are in response to Israel’s airstrikes.


Press TV DEBATE on latest Gaza massacre: Kevin Barrett vs. Maxine Dovere

Watch THE DEBATE  This edition of the program is about the escalation of tensions in Gaza. Israeli planes have targeted areas at the civilian areas in the Gaza Strip. Kevin Barret believes that Israel is attacking Palestinians because they know they are violating human rights. Maxine Dovere says Israel does that in self-defense.