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In which I call for the Taliban to invade Europe

An open letter to Mullah Omar Dear Mullah Omar, As-salaamu alaikum and a top o’ the marnin’ to ye! (That’s a traditional Irish Muslim greeting – I don’t imagine you use it much in Afghanistan.) Anyway, I thought I’d write to ask how you were getting along, and whether you might be able to take some time off from your busy jihad-ing in Afghanistan to invade, occupy, and liberate Europe. Europe needs liberating a lot more than Afghanistan ever did. Here are some of the reasons: *Europe is a failed state. The Euro is crashing and the EU will soon…


A Call to Revolution

I just sent this press release to hundreds of media outlets and more than three thousand individuals in Wisconsin. Subject header: He’s BAA-AAAAACK!  Walker returns; local candidates call for revolution!                               -KB   Cairo’s Liberation Square supports Wisconsin revolution! Contact: Eric Sayward (toll-free)  888-293-5019Kevin Barrett kbarrett(at)merr(dot)com  For Immediate ReleaseSaturday, January 29th, 2010 Breaking news: After 4 days of protest, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s helicopter arrived at the Volk Field ( Friday at 7:36 PM CST. Military sources say that he has plans to stay for the weekend and will presumably try to sneak into the capitol. This is the time…


“People power” topples Mubarak – now can it topple apartheid Israel?

As Tahrir Square in Cairo turned into the party of the century following Mubarak’s departure, the running headline on al-Jazeera underlined America’s continuing cluelessness: “US Calls on Egypt to Respect Peace Treaty With Israel.” Hello! Has anybody in Washington noticed that Mubarak is despised precisely because he represents that so-called “peace treaty” – which is actually a declaration of war on Palestine? The cold, hard truth is that virtually nobody in the Middle East accepts the legitimacy of the GZE (genocidal Zionist entity). People from the region refer to it as al-kiyan as-sahyuni (the Zionist entity) not Israel because they…