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“People power” topples Mubarak – now can it topple apartheid Israel?

As Tahrir Square in Cairo turned into the party of the century following Mubarak’s departure, the running headline on al-Jazeera underlined America’s continuing cluelessness: “US Calls on Egypt to Respect Peace Treaty With Israel.”

Hello! Has anybody in Washington noticed that Mubarak is despised precisely because he represents that so-called “peace treaty” – which is actually a declaration of war on Palestine?

The cold, hard truth is that virtually nobody in the Middle East accepts the legitimacy of the GZE (genocidal Zionist entity). People from the region refer to it as al-kiyan as-sahyuni (the Zionist entity) not Israel because they do not accept that there ever has been, or ever will be, any such country as “Israel.” Middle Easterners may be happy to declare a long-term ceasefire, perhaps even a permanent one, with the genocidal racists who have hypnotized themselves into thinking that there is such a country as “Israel” and who have slaughtered and exiled the Palestinians in pursuit of that mad dream. Like sane people everywhere, the people of the Middle East love peace and hate bloodshed. But they cannot be made to accept, in their hearts, that absurd little Jewish Bantustan implanted by the Rothschilds into the heart of the Middle East like a poisoned dagger.

As today’s radio guest Francis Boyle told me, the Palestinians must not, under any circumstances, enter into any further negotiations with the Zionist entity. After twenty-two years of negotiating in good faith for a two-state solution, only to be met with nothing but lies and ongoing genocide, it is time for the Palestinians – and the rest of the people of the Middle East – to turn the page.

Professor Boyle cites a CIA study predicting that Israel will self-destruct within twenty years. So why prolong Israel’s rapidly-expiring shelf-life by offering it unearned legitimacy? The Palestinians may be forced by international pressure to maintain a “willing to negotiate” posture – but they must not under any circumstances compromise on their God-given, internationally-recognized right of all refugees everywhere to return to their homes and reclaim their property – including in those parts of Palestine now occupied by the Zionist entity. By holding fast to right of return, the Palestinians will avoid signing a suicidal “peace agreement” relegating them to a smattering of disconnected Bantustans on less than 20% of historic Palestine. When Israel implodes, and those Zionists who can’t live in peace with Palestinian neighbors flee to Europe and the US, the Palestinians will implement their right of return unilaterally: by returning. And people, let me tell you, THAT celebration (in which I hope to participate insha’allah) will make Tahrir Square look like an old ladies’ bridge party.

Meanwhile, the people of the Middle East and their supporters around the world can help make this happen sooner rather than later. First, all governments in the Middle East, starting with liberated Egypt, must immediately withdraw all forms of recognition of the Zionist entity. Second, all individuals must do the same. If a person claiming Israeli citizenship enters your visual field – walk right through them. Knock them over. Pretend they don’t exist. Refuse to speak or deal with them. This age-old “shunning” tactic, practiced by enough people worldwide (and practiced universally by the people of the Middle East) could put the final nail in the Zionist coffin.

The people of Egypt refused to accept Mubarak. And the people of Egypt and the rest of the Middle East have, ever and always, refused to accept “Israel” – even though this refusal has been glossed over and betrayed by treasonous “leaders” like Mubarak.

It is time for the people power of the Middle East, and the world, to finish the job started in Iran (1979), Tunisia (2011) and Egypt (2011)…and topple the biggest and ugliest idol in the region: al-kiyan as-sahyuni.

8 Thoughts to ““People power” topples Mubarak – now can it topple apartheid Israel?”

  1. Anonymous

    Allahu akbar!

  2. Anonymous

    You people just can't stop fighting do you. You don't regonize that the human brain does not have the ability by it self to regonize whats relevant or not. This is widly accepted fact among researchers.

    This leads to only 1 conclusion: Human being will beleave whatever he is told as a infant and cannot comprehence if its relevant to anything or not.

    If you, yes you, were taken as a baby raised in India, you will become a bhuddist, in if arabia a muslim if among pedofiles you become a pedofile, if with atheists you will become an atheist and so on.

    We are ALL brainwashed by our cultures and the ONLY way to define reality is the scientific method. Everything you know about reality is the creation of science. Everything!

    Science is not answer to everything we are more than that, but the way of the culture is the way of our destruction.

    Please have a look at this documentary, it will explane everything:

  3. Let's support Ken O'keefe and his attempt to open the Egyptian border with Gaza…..This courageous American is leading the crusade to FREE PALESTINE by opening their borders to the rest of the world

  4. Science is just a slightly more formalized, but far from rigorous, version of rational-empirical thinking, which is a ubiquitous human endowment. It is the conceit of certain late-model humans, most of them Western, to think that they have a monopoly on rational-empirical thinking because theirs is "scientific." Feyerabend and many others have shown that this is nonsense. In fact, what usually passes for science today – slightly-formalized rational-empirical thinking in the service of money and power, raised to a totalitarian ideology – is a cancer on the face of the planet. Our future will be religious-spiritual or not at all. See Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance

  5. And yes, let's support Ken O'Keefe. Send him money! Send him prayers! Ken is dedicated, fearless, a brilliant speaker – a real hero of our time. He makes me proud to be an American – oops, I mean world citizen 😉!/1worldcitizen

  6. 100% with the paelstinain people…

    kevin I can't find our programm archived … would like to listen to Khalesov and Gordon about micr nukes thankss for pointing to the right link…

    Amazing job Kevin !

    Congratulations to the Egyptian people… now suleiman and Israel like you said

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