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Dave Gahary on Free Speech, Sandy Hook, & Trump’s Syria Withdrawa

Listen¬†HERE First hour: Radio host, journalist and publisher Dave Gahary was featured today in a CBS News Good Morning report on the Wisconsin court decision ordering Jim Fetzer to pay Lenny Pozner $450,000 in libel damages. (I was in the courtroom Tuesday and published this report.) Dave, the publisher of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, decided to pull the book after he spent time with Lenny Pozner and came to believe that Pozner is telling the truth about losing his son Noah in the Sandy Hook school massacre. Though he now sympathizes with Lenny Pozner as a bereaved father, Dave…


The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Tuesday was the final day of Jim Fetzer’ defense against Lenny Pozner’s libel lawsuit. I attended and wrote up a “just the facts” report that evening. At almost the same moment I published my report, the jury came back with a verdict awarding more than half a million dollars to Lenny “Jim Fetzer gave me PTSD” Pozner. Now it’s time for an opinion piece. And as much as I sympathize with Mr. Pozner, assuming his account is accurate, my opinion is that Jim Fetzer got a raw deal…and that the reverberations of this case…


Jim Fetzer on internet censorship & being sued over Sandy Hook

Listen HERE University of Minnesota-Duluth Professor Emeritus James Fetzer has a new website, But he has seen most of his internet presence taken down by censors. Jim’s edited book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook has been banned by Amazon. (Counterarguments are here.)¬†Now Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner is suing Jim for defamation. Will Pozner’s lawsuit provide a forum for clearing up questions about Sandy Hook? Jim Fetzer is confident he will prevail in court, if it comes to that, but doesn’t expect it to; Jim thinks the lawsuit is basically a publicity stunt. In this interview we discuss the…