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Jim Fetzer on internet censorship & being sued over Sandy Hook

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University of Minnesota-Duluth Professor Emeritus James Fetzer has a new website, But he has seen most of his internet presence taken down by censors.

Jim’s edited book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook has been banned by Amazon. (Counterarguments are here.)┬áNow Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner is suing Jim for defamation.

Will Pozner’s lawsuit provide a forum for clearing up questions about Sandy Hook? Jim Fetzer is confident he will prevail in court, if it comes to that, but doesn’t expect it to; Jim thinks the lawsuit is basically a publicity stunt.

In this interview we discuss the Pozner lawsuit, the recent conviction of James Fields for first degree murder in Charlottesville (Jim says he’s innocent), the railroading of Boston bombing patsy Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and much more.

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