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Dave Gahary on Free Speech, Sandy Hook, & Trump’s Syria Withdrawa

Dave Gahary, co-author of Erasing the Liberty

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First hour: Radio host, journalist and publisher Dave Gahary was featured today in a CBS News Good Morning report on the Wisconsin court decision ordering Jim Fetzer to pay Lenny Pozner $450,000 in libel damages. (I was in the courtroom Tuesday and published this report.) Dave, the publisher of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, decided to pull the book after he spent time with Lenny Pozner and came to believe that Pozner is telling the truth about losing his son Noah in the Sandy Hook school massacre. Though he now sympathizes with Lenny Pozner as a bereaved father, Dave still has questions about Sandy Hook. (Jim Fetzer will join me next Friday, same time, to discuss the case and related free speech issues.)

Dave and I will also discuss Trump’s amazing and praiseworthy decision to pull out of Syria. Will the Fed blow up the economy to deny him re-election, as William Engdahl speculates in his article¬†Will the Federal Reserve Make Trump a New Herbert Hoover?

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