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John Cobb and Andre Vltcheck discuss “China and Ecological Civilization”

Listen HERE John Cobb is one of the world’s most important thinkers. The leading light in process philosophy/theology, he has authored over 40 books and edited 16 more (including 9/11 and American Empire v.2, which I co-edited). Andre Vltchek is one of the world’s most important journalists. Long ago he left the Western “comfort zone” and never looked back, traveling incessantly, observing trenchantly, and reporting on places that the mainstream correspondents never get to or never really see. Since meeting John Cobb on a bus in North Korea, the leftist-atheist journalist and the eminent theologian have been engaging in a…


Theologian John Cobb on prophetic tradition, quest for truth and justice

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The 9/11 truth case stands, peer-reviewed and unrefuted

In a comment on my recent critique of Chomsky I pointed out: There is actually a substantial peer-reviewed body of literature supporting 9/11 truth, including many books as well as dozens of articles. It isn’t “just a couple of articles by architects and engineers” (as Chomsky is still saying). By contrast, there is virtually no peer-reviewed literature at all defending the claim that the 9/11 Commission’s version is correct, or putting forth any evidence in support of this conclusion.  Some anonymous coward – a troll named Omni-Putz who spends his life stalking and harassing 9/11 truth-tellers – responded: “Barrett’s facebook…