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Facebook Bans “Jew Runs Facebook” as Hate Speech

Dissociated Press Facebook announced this morning that its ban on hate speech will be extended to include claims that a Jew owns and operates Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerb*rg says he may extend the ban to include references to Jews who own and operate other big media companies and banks, and ultimately to any and all assertions that any Jewish person is a Jew. “Calling a Jewish person a ‘Jew’ is an age-old anti-Semitic trope,” Zuckerb*rg explained at a press conference outside the $825 billion dollar personal synagogue he recently built next door to Facebook’s headquarters in San Francisco. “Throughout…


I Just Made the ADL Short List!

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor A few hours ago, when my wife got home from the store, I greeted her joyfully: “Good news! I just won an amazing award from one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful organizations!” She gave me a “yeah, right” look. “Really! They issued a ‘short list’ of the most notable people in the field, and I’m on it!” She didn’t exactly look impressed. “Can you guess which organization, and which field?” I gave her a hint: “I’m on the ‘short list’ alongside some of your favorite YouTube stars: Gilad Atzmon, E. Michael Jones…”…


Hate Speech Deceptions: Joshua Goldberg’s Prolific Production of Discordant Fake Voices

BY PROF. TONY HALL “The Goldberg files offer the basis for an important case study in the renewal of old cycles of imperial rule through divide-and-conquer tactics” Fabrication, Fakery and Reality in the Era of the Internet Joshua Goldberg’s specialty is whipping up many varieties of hate speech frenzy on the Internet in order to advance power-serving agendas. Joshua Goldberg is widely reported to have operated in the basement of his neglectful Jewish parents’ Jacksonville Florida home. The official narrative tells us that the unsupervised Goldberg was an obsessive compulsive “troll” doing demented mischief on the Internet in a random fashion.…