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Red Sea islands swindle: Middle Eastern people betrayed by their corrupt Zionist-puppet leaders

Below is my interview conducted today with Quds News Agency, to be published soon in Farsi.-Kevin Barrett What is your opinion about a recent agreement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt over the Tiran Island? How do you consider the Israeli gain from the deal?  Once again the Egyptian, Arab, and Muslim people have been betrayed by their leaders. Israel is using its close relationships with the rulers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia to steal these key strategic outposts in the Red Sea. By handing over the islands to the Ibn Saud crime family, whose status as lieutenants of the Rothschild-Zionist…


Catherine Shakdam: ISIL creating “Greater Israel”?

Broadcast November 5th, 10-11:00 a.m. Central (1500 GMT) on, archived here. Note: subscribers can listen to shows on-demand before they are broadcast – and also get free downloads! If you are a subscriber, just log in to the members area of and go to the “Private Blog” to get early access to the shows.  Catherine Shakdam, Editor in Chief of The Levant, just published Is Turkey attempting to resurrect the Ottoman Empire on the back of the ‘black army’?  In this interview Catherine suggests that ISIL, that ostensible “Islamic extremist” group backed by Israel and its proxies,…


Ron Paul, Egyptian Interior Minister, & al-Qaeda commander join 9/11 truth movement!

False Flag News 1) Egyptian ex-Interior Minister: US behind Mubarak coup/warned about 9/11 2) Ron Paul joins 9/11 truth movement 3) Brit beheaded American reporter / PM concerned 4) ISIS brutally subdues all in its way 5) US and UK using ISIS to create a Greater Israel 6) al-Baghdadi trained by Mossad? 7) Maliki steps aside in turbulent times 8) US using ISIS pretext for stealth re-invasion of Iraq Flashpoint Ferguson 9) National Guard ordered to Ferguson, MO, to control unrest 10) Another St. Louis police killing, more police lies…