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Red Sea islands swindle: Middle Eastern people betrayed by their corrupt Zionist-puppet leaders

Below is my interview conducted today with Quds News Agency, to be published soon in Farsi.
-Kevin Barrett

What is your opinion about a recent agreement between Saudi Arabia and Egypt over the Tiran Island? How do you consider the Israeli gain from the deal? 

Once again the Egyptian, Arab, and Muslim people have been betrayed by their leaders. Israel is using its close relationships with the rulers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia to steal these key strategic outposts in the Red Sea. By handing over the islands to the Ibn Saud crime family, whose status as lieutenants of the Rothschild-Zionist crime family is increasingly an open secret, the Zionist Jew and lifelong Mossad sleeper agent al-Sisi (who has concealed his Moroccan Jewish ancestry and Israeli affiliations) is doing Israel’s work. All that remains to be seen is whether the Saudis immediately and openly hand the islands over to Israel, or whether they dissemble for a few years before doing so.

Saudi’s role in supporting the ISIS terror group is no more secret. Saudi is also said to be secretly getting security information from Israel. How do you put the two facts together and how do you see the Israeli position in the regional map concerning the ISIS terror group? 

Israel’s long-term strategy is to drag the West into a new 100-years-war on Islam, hobble the entire Islamic world, and turn its neighbors into failed states so Israel can dominate them and steal more and more of their territory. ISIS is a perfect instrument of that strategy. As Pakistani strategist Zaid Hamid says, ISIS and related groups are neo-Kharajites dedicated to attacking Muslims, spreading fitna, and destabilizing Muslim lands. (ISIS almost always attacks Muslims, never Israel.) Additionally, due to their savagery, ISIS and other neo-Kharajite/takfiri groups are useful propaganda set pieces for mobilizing Western public opinion in support of the 100 Years War on Islam for Israel. By supporting takfiri groups, Saudi Arabia is helping Israel’s war on Islam.

Turkey has repeatedly voiced a willingness in restoring its ties with Israel. How do you see Turkey as an honest agent in its position concerning the Palestinian issue? 

Unfortunately the Turkish deep state has close ties to Israel and the Rothschild Crime Cabal that owns it. So far, the Islamic democracy movement in Turkey has been unable to crush the deep state and assert Turkish independence, pan-Islamic solidarity, and commitment to the liberation of Palestine. Erdogan seems to represent those in the Turkish Islamic democracy movement who are willing to compromise with the corrupt forces of the deep state and its NATO and Zionist friends. So for the foreseeable future Turkey will not be an honest agent regarding Palestine. But I hope that some day the Turkish people will force their government to commit itself to the liberation of Palestine.

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