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FFWN: Now They’re Seizing Passports. Get Out While You Can! (with J. Michael Springmann)

Rumble link  Bitchute link Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern. PSAs 1) Support FFWN, your “passport to truth” 2) Remember the Liberty: A Pivotal Moment in the Hostile Takeover of America Occupied USA 3) US seizes Scott Ritter’s passport  Revenge for his support for Palestinian resistance and Oct. 7 raid? 4) WaPo Genocide Propagandists Attack Grayzone (over exposé of Israel not Hamas committing Oct. 7 atrocities?)’ 5) WaPo saw a 50% decline in readership “since the highs of 2020” 6) US House seeks to sanction ICC over Netanyahu warrant and invites Netanyahu to…