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FFWN: Now They’re Seizing Passports. Get Out While You Can! (with J. Michael Springmann)

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1) Support FFWN, your “passport to truth”

2) Remember the Liberty: A Pivotal Moment in the Hostile Takeover of America

Occupied USA

3) US seizes Scott Ritter’s passport  Revenge for his support for Palestinian resistance and Oct. 7 raid?

4) WaPo Genocide Propagandists Attack Grayzone (over exposé of Israel not Hamas committing Oct. 7 atrocities?)’

5) WaPo saw a 50% decline in readership “since the highs of 2020”

6) US House seeks to sanction ICC over Netanyahu warrant and invites Netanyahu to speak

7) Israel Secretly Targets U.S. Lawmakers With Influence Campaign on Gaza War (NYT)

8) Trump Is Desperate for Miriam Adelson’s Cash. Her Condition: West Bank Annexation


9.5) The Hill Fires Briahna Joy Gray, Critic of Israel’s War on Gaza

10) Google and Alphabet’s new CFO is Eli Lilly’s Anat Ashkenazi

11) Washington ready to blackmail Maldives for banning Israeli travelers

12) Island resort nation bars Israelis

13) Jews Starve Oregonians Now Too in Revenge for Food Bank’s Gaza Statement

War on Alt Media

14) Alex Jones agrees to liquidate his assets to pay Sandy Hook families, in move that would end his ownership of Infowars  Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

15) DOJ charges Epoch Times CFO in $67 million money-laundering scheme

16) TWITTER FILES Extra: The Defaming of Brandon Straka and #Walkaway

Zionist (soon-to-be) Nonentity

17) Yahya Sinwar’s Impossible Resolve (vs lame NYT attempt to smear Sinwar and humanize genocidal Israelis)

18) Massive fire rages in northern occupied territories after Hezbollah’s reprisal attacks

19) Spain applies to join South Africa’s case at top UN court accusing Israel of genocide

20) Israel violates Syrian air-space on a criminal assassination mission

21) Rabbi MIT Prof Jeremy England: Jews Must Reject “Christian Morality,” Slaughter Children, Commit Genocide—”It’s Our Tradition”

War on Russia

22) Should Vladimir Putin Call His Shot on a NATO Brushback Pitch? by Ron Unz

23) Putin warns that Russia could provide long-range weapons to others to strike Western targets

24) Nato land corridors could rush US troops to front line in event of European war

25) Kremlin welcomes Turkey’s reported desire to join BRICS

American Martyrs?

26) Kennedy Calls for Secret Service Detail on Anniversary of Father’s Killing (NYT)

27) Alex Jones Breaks Down as He Reveals Eminent Fed Attack on Infowars—Andrew Anglin Tells Alex “Go to Russia, Get Out While You Can”

28) If Trump’s Conviction Lands Him in Prison, the Secret Service Goes, Too

Now They Tell Us

29) Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths

Brave New World

30) Carbon Offsets Are a ‘Scam’ — Here’s Why

31) Google AI Search Devours the Internet – NYT (what happened to antitrust laws?)

Family Values for Palestine

32) George Galloway breaks with LGBT: I am a family values man, I believe in mum, dad and the kids

33) Anti-Israel Protesters Block LGBTQ Pride Parade in Philadelphia

One Thought to “FFWN: Now They’re Seizing Passports. Get Out While You Can! (with J. Michael Springmann)”

  1. Tina Kimmel, PhD, MSW, MPH

    This might be of interest…

    In 2015, three young Israeli men, fresh from serving in the IDF, went to Nepal to trek, and were caught in the earthquake. They survived, but their first response was to steal possessions of villagers who had fled. They were caught. It deeply troubled me to watch them try to justify this assault on a peaceful, trusting culture.
    Detailed in Ep3 of the great documentary “Aftershock” about the EQ

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