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Ellen Brown: “Don’t Settle! Robo-signed mortgages = FRAUD”

Tuesday, February 7th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast). Guest, Ellen Brown, author, Web of Debt, whose new article “Why the AGs Must Not Settle: Robo-signing Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg” calls on states’ Attorneys General not to sign the proposed settlement agreement with banks that committed mortgage fraud. Why not? Because “the evidence to date suggests that ‘robo-signing’ was not a mere technical default or sloppy business practice but was part and parcel of a much larger fraud, the fraud that brought down the whole economy in…


James Petras, Joshua Blakeney on TJ Radio today

Listen to this show. Truth Jihad Radio Fri 7/8/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525. 1-2 pm With guest host Steven Vincent 2 -2:30 pm: Kevin interviews sociology professor James Petras about what’s really happening in Greece. James Petras is one of the best-informed truth-telling voices in the USA and the author of a prolific output of critically important books and essays. 2:30 – 3 pm: Joshua Blakeney, award-winning Canadian 9/11 scholar, discusses where anti-Zionism fits into the left-right political paradigm, as well as his new series of videos, which he introduced as follows:…