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Man discovered who still believes in Iraqi WMDs

I couldn’t access this blog while I was in Iran. But I did keep posting articles elsewhere. Here are links to some of my recent work.-Kevin Barrett Man discovered who still believes in Iraqi WMDs In a shocking throwback to an earlier stage of human evolution, a man has been discovered who still believes that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. University of California scientists report that a Berkley man, Lee Kaplan, has tested genetically and ideologically as a species of neanderthalus politicus previously thought to have gone extinct….The atavistic relic of a bygone age was displayed yesterday on…


Iran: Threat or Menace? Part 3: Why Iran-bashing is obligatory

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei casts the first vote in Iran’s elections Today is presidential election day in Iran. So here is the pull quote for today’s article: In Going to Tehran, the Leveretts show that there was not a shred of evidence of significant fraud in the 2009 Iranian elections – as those crying fraud implicitly admitted in their failure to even try to provide the evidence that would have been easily available had widespread fraud actually occurred.  I wish the USA’s “black-box computer-fabricated” presidential elections were as honest as the Iranian ones, which use hand-counted paper ballots.-KB Iran: Threat or…


Pat Buchanan: “Why This Obsession With Iran?”

Pat Buchanan was one of Nixon’s top advisors, and has been a leader of the relatively sane wing of the Republican Party ever since.  Below is my interview with Pat from last November, along with his latest op-ed, which asks: “Why this obsession with Iran?” I can answer that, Pat: The neocon Likkudniks are obsessed with attacking Iran in order to: (1) Create a big Mideast war to “flee forward” and avoid prosecution for the crimes of 9/11/2001 and the wars it triggered. (2) Create a big Mideast war in order to finish the ethnic cleansing of Palestine under “fog…