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Ken O’Keefe and the Battle for 9/11 Reality

[Editor’s note: Anthony Hall will appear tonight on Truth Jihad Radio to discuss this article and why it is being published here rather than at Veterans Today. -KB]   A Commentary on Ken O’Keefe’s Expanded and Improved Documentary, 911 False Flag: American Traitors and Mossad. by Anthony Hall Ken O’Keefe as a US Marine Before He Renounced His US Citizenship To Serve the Common People of Iraq as a Human Shield. Includes Original Material From Anthony Hall Extending O’Keefe’s Assessment of the Crippling Effect of Jewish Power Over US Institutions to a Similar Dysfunction Plaguing Canada’s Parliamentary Institutions. The Totalitarianism Implicit in This…


CIA’s Graham Fuller, connected to Tsarnaevs, ran 9/11 cover-up in Turkey

The Tsarnaev brothers’ intel-connected uncle married the daughter of CIA spook Graham Fuller – who led the 9/11 cover-up in Turkey. Small world! Read the full story