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3 Thoughts to “CIA’s Graham Fuller, connected to Tsarnaevs, ran 9/11 cover-up in Turkey”

  1. Anonymous

    Here we go "again":

    Boston Marathon Witness Interview: Police Told Us Bomb Drill Was 'Training Exercise'

    Officials respond to mystery man on roof in Boston bombings as photo continues to boggle web

    Let me see….where did I read about this before

    The Military Drills of September 11th: Why a New Investigation is Needed

    Two Days Before 9/11, Military Exercise Simulated Suicide Hijack Targeting New York

    7/7 Mock Terror Drill: What Relationship to the Real Time Terror Attacks?

    MO Anybody?

  2. Anonymous

    Exclusive: Boston bomb suspects' parents retreat to village, cancel U.S. trip
    By Maria Golovnina | Reuters – 52 mins ago

    << Anzor Tsarnaev said he raised the issue with U.S. officials who visited him earlier in the week in his home in Dagestan.

    "I asked them: 'I saw my child alive, he was being put into a police vehicle alive and healthy. How come media said he was killed?' They were shocked themselves," the father said. >>

  3. brilliant stuff kevin… now the israeli operation of boston designed to send the USA in Syria and fight against Russian is clearly established

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