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Intergalactic Holocaust Remembrance Committee: Forget the Parking Lot! Earth to Be Demolished to Make Way for Holocaust Museum

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The Intergalactic Holocaust Remembrance Committee (IHRC) has announced that Earth will be demolished next Tuesday at 11 a.m. to make way for the construction of a new Intergalactic Holocaust Museum.

Prostetnic Vogonowitcz Jeltzstein, president of the IHRC and de facto ruler of the universe, announced the news in a message simultaneously broadcast to every audio device on Earth:

“This is Prostetnic Vogonowitcz Jeltzstein of the Intergalactic Holocaust Remembrance Committee. As you will no doubt be aware, the plans for development of the outlying regions of the Galaxy require the building of Holocaust museums throughout your star system. And regrettably, your planet is one of those scheduled for demolition. The process will take slightly less than two of your Earth minutes. Thank you.”

The IHRC has been building Holocaust museums throughout the galaxy and beyond in an effort to ensure that nobody anywhere in the entire universe ever ever ever forgets the Holocaust. And after next Tuesday, nobody on Earth will forget the Holocaust, because nobody will be on Earth, nor will there be any Earth for them to be on.

Supporters of the IHRC project note that it will solve a long list of problems including nuclear war, pandemics, climate change, vaccine hesitancy, and residual prejudices against people with unusual sex habits. Given all of its advantages, it’s obvious why the plan has garnered the support of all significant mainstream media outlets.

Antisemitic conspiracy theorists have baselessly argued that the IHRC is actually a rogue AI that was originally designed to make as many paper clips as possible, but due to a programming error has been building Holocaust museums instead. Fortunately, those claims have been debunked by





3 Thoughts to “Intergalactic Holocaust Remembrance Committee: Forget the Parking Lot! Earth to Be Demolished to Make Way for Holocaust Museum”

  1. Herbert


    God bless you, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. Today is Good Friday, March 29, 2024, and I am speaking on the subject of ‘the truth about the Gaza war’, and I present to you the following twelve theses.

    First thesis: The cause of the war is not the events of October 7, but the 56 years of Israeli occupation terror.

    Second thesis: The Gaza war was planned and orchestrated by Israel, Hamas fell into the trap.

    Third thesis: Ostensibly, it is about the destruction of Hamas, but actually about the expulsion of the Palestinians from Gaza, which is a prerequisite for the creation of a Greater Israel ‘from the river to the sea’.

    Fourth thesis: The Gaza war reveals Israel’s power. Israel can do as it pleases, not even the USA can stop it, because Israel sits at the levers of power in the USA.

    Fifth thesis: In this sense, Israel is not a ‘small state in the Middle East’, but a worldwide ideological and economically powerful network that has transformed the so-called West into a larval Zionist system in recent decades.

    Sixth thesis: Israel treats the Palestinians like ‘human animals’. The West, so proud of its human rights, supplies the weapons for this racist mass murder. The Gaza war makes it clear that the West is a stronghold of racism.

    Seventh thesis: Gaza becomes a cipher for the moral downfall of the West. Its human rights retoric turns out to be a disguise for a degenerate and completely dishonest morality.

    Eighth thesis: Zionism is the most radical and revolutionary nationalism. In the Gaza war, it shows its true face: inhuman, misanthropic and filled with hatred.

    Ninth thesis: Not only the USA, but also Germany supplies weapons to Israel. The so-called German state reson makes Germany an accomplice to the mass murder in Gaza. An application has already been made to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to bring charges against Germany for aiding and abetting genocide.

    Tenth thesis: Germany is losing its international reputation in fast motion. The Gaza war is becoming a beacon for Germany’s reputation in the world. More and more people and states see Germany as the most compliant vassal of the US-Western system.

    Eleventh thesis: The Gaza war is also becoming the moment of truth for the German opposition. Anyone who supports arms deliveries to Israel is not an oppositional figure, but an accomplice of the Berlin government.

    Eleventh and final thesis: The AFD reveals itself to be a party infiltrated and controlled by Zionist agents. It cannot be ruled out that it will soon demand German ground troops for Israel, in line with its Gauland doctrine.

    You can find justifications for this thesis in numerous videos and commentaries that I have published on the subject of Israel and Zionism in the social media, most recently a six-part series in the fall of 2023.

    I address this issue in more detail and in greater depth in various books, especially in my trilogy ‘Christian-European Core Culture’. You can download the 12 theses in written form from my website.

    In my next video commentary, I take a closer look at the discussion among various sociologists and historians on the subject of ‘the Holocaust catechism of the Germans’.

    Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends! Truth is not there to be aesthetically consumed. It must be actively and, not least, politically disseminated. This requires courage, including the courage to break taboos.

    Please spread the truth that I am presenting to you here more clearly and precisely than you will find anywhere else. The political turnaround we need depends on a change in people’s consciousness. We all have a responsibility here. See you soon.

  2. Herbert

    Mr. Toel says Americans “love Israel more than Alabama”. (A very peculiar kind of “love” that he is unwilling to define further). In response to the very good and legitimate question of why America would sacrifice Europe at any time but never Israel, he says because of the (you guess it) “Holocaust”.

    Unfortunately, more cannot be revealed in a political system that does not allow truths to be made too recognizable, but only hints, as in Stalinism, where one had to be able to recognize the unwritten between the lines and the unspoken between the words. Which, of course, only a minority ever masters.

  3. Tony

    Anglo-Americans often justify the victory over Nazi Germany with the ironic phrase that they therefore do not have to speak German today. I am not aware that Nazi Germany required the local population to speak German in any of the territories it occupied.

    The exact opposite is the case: the Nazis were strictly opposed to “Polish brains expressing their Polish thoughts in German words” because they considered this to be an abuse of German. Only Germans can think “German”.

    And Jews, who use this language as a vehicle to spread their deviations among the world, do the same in English. Are thoughts that Negroes express in Ebonics genuine English? There you go!

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