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FFWN: Happy Eid! Saudis Slaughter Petrodollar?!

Watch above Saturdays after 1 pm Eastern.

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1) Will Tell Truth for $ (even petrodollars!)

2) Shut Down DC, Arrest Netanyahu July 24

3) Hajj 2024: Over 1.5 million pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia for annual pilgrimage

Saudis Dump Petrodollar?

4) Saudi Arabia has dumped the PetroDollar; the deal expired on June 9, 2024  or is this fake news, and if so, who made it up and why?

5) Saudi Arabia Drifts Away from Washington and the Dollar

6) Saudis selling oil for other currencies will weaken the Empire

7) Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift  (withdrawn – fake news?)


8) UN probe accuses Israel of ‘extermination,’ other crimes against humanity in Gaza

9) ‘Catastrophic hunger’ as 8,000 children at risk in Gaza

10) Videos show Israeli soldiers executing Gaza civilians in Rafah ‘safe zone’

11) Israel killed own citizens on October 7 in ‘Hannibal Directive’, UN claims

12) Complicity in Genocide: Biden, Blinken and Austin could face charges

13) Released “Israeli” captive says Hamas fighters made him birthday cake“Israeli”%20captive%20says%20Hamas%20fighters%20made%20him%20birthday%20cake

Saudis vs. Genocide?

14) Saudi Foreign Minister: “Israel Doesn’t Get To Decide” on Palestinian Statehood

15) Saudi Foreign Minister says no diplomatic ties with Israel unless Palestinian issue is resolved first

Axis of Resistance

16) Yahya Sinwar: Arab/Muslim Leaders DO Support Hamas—Secretly. They’ll Be Acknowledged After Final Victory

17) Over 200 Missiles from Lebanon – Hezbollah Retaliates against Israeli Raids

18) Yemen conducts new anti-Israeli ops incl. in cooperation with Iraqi resistance

War on Russia

19) Russian navy fleet, including frigate, nuclear-powered sub, arrives in Cuba

20) Why Do Brits Hate Russians?


Far-Right Surge

22) A far-right surge upends national politics. Here’s what we learned from the European elections

23) Macron says he called snap elections to prevent rise of far right in 2027 presidential vote🔴-live-france-s-macron-unveils-battle-plan-for-snap-elections


24) How shifting debate criteria may bar RFK Jr. from the June debate

25) Steve Bannon Responds to Being Ordered to Prison

Global Outrage

26) Dozens arrested in new pro-Palestinian protests at University of California, Los Angeles

27) CODEPINK disrupts Israel lobby group AIPAC’s senior staff retreat in Washington, D.C.  and Jake Sullivan at American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum

28) Vandals Splash Graffiti on Home of Jewish Director of Brooklyn Museum

29) Coca-Cola ad in Bangladesh sparks backlash for ‘denying ties with Israel’

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