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LIVE RADIO: Wyatt Peterson on Oct. 7 in Context and “Perfidy of Zion”; Anthony Hall on Mass Graves in Gaza…and Canada?

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Wyatt Peterson discusses his book Perfidy of Zion and his article “October 7 in Context.” Excerpt:

“It’s difficult for non-Jews to fathom the depths of ethnic animosity towards ‘the other’ permeating the Israeli state. Both Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich — Benjamin Netanyahu’s current Ministers of National Security and Finance respectively — are outspoken supporters of Baruch Goldstein and his ‘Massacre at the Mosque.’ Ben-Gvir proudly boasts that he once had a portrait of Goldstein prominently displayed within his home, and groups of Jewish settlers continue to eulogize the mass-murdering physician during annual pilgrimages to his grave. (Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh even wrote a book about him titled Baruch Hagaver –Baruch the Saint.) In the aftermath of Goldstein’s slaughter, Noam Federman, a spokesman for the Kach party in Israel, proclaimed, “The act itself was one of greatness. It was a great act of sanctifying the Name (of God).” Not to be outdone, Moshe Belogorodsky, an Israeli municipal council member, was quoted by the New York Times (Mar. 4, 1994) as saying, “It says in the Talmud that when a non-Jew strikes a Jew it’s as if he’s striking the Divine Presence itself…What Baruch did, at least in my book, is the opposite. It’s the sanctification of God’s name.”

“Wyatt Peterson is a musician and full time researcher of the global criminal enterprise that has hijacked America and the wider western world. Born and raised in the northeast United States, he was a high school student when the 9-11 attacks occurred, an event that would significantly shape his worldview and lead to a lifelong interest in unraveling the interconnected web responsible for such events. His debut book Perfidy of Zion is a concise deconstruction of September 11th and other politically motivated Zionist crimes.  (Email him to get a copy.) Wyatt maintains a blog called A Second Look and his writings have been featured on websites such as and Natural News.”

Second hour: Prof. Anthony Hall returns to discuss his new article “Grave Error on Alleged Mass Graves in Canada.” Excerpt: “In recent months mass graves were created along with the Israeli occupation and destruction of hospitals in Gaza. These grave sites are being dug up between rounds of Israeli bombing of Palestinian civilians. The evidence of mutilated humans coming out of Gaza’s mass graves have reportedly contained evidence of organ removal, handcuffing of doctors and patients, as well as point-blank executions including shots to the head.”

Did anything remotely similar happen in Canadian residential schools? The book Grave Error: How the Media Misled Us (and the Truth About Residential Schools) says “no.” Prof. Hall, an expert on indigenous issues, tentatively concurs: :

“The authors of Grave Error’s prove that a solid evidentiary basis has not been established to support the new thesis that mass murder and mass graves constitute an integral part of the history of Indian residential schools in Canada. I do not agree, however, that these findings preclude the need to look at the possible role of various forms of genocidal activity in the transformation of northern North America from pre-Columbian times to the Canada that exists today.”

Is the cancelation of “mass grave deniers” like Frances Widdowson a threat to academic freedom? Tune in and see what Tony Hall thinks.

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