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Alan Sabrosky on How the Romans Encouraged “Voluntary Migration” from Carthage; Anthony Hall on Israeli Reaction to ICJ Genocide Ruling

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First hour: Alan Sabrosky, former Head of Strategic Studies at the US Army War College, joins this show on the first Friday of each month. Unfortunately his connection dropped off at the 20’30” mark so the rest of the show features my monologues and conversations with producer Mr. Rho, interspersed with attempts to re-establish the connection

During our 20 minutes of conversation “Doc” Sabrosky raises the usual issues—wars in West Asia and Ukraine, prospects for civil war in light of Biden’s border crisis, will there even be a 2024 election, the Israeli genocide of Palestinians—and disagrees with Ron Unz’s latest article, which posits (echoing HG Wells) that today’s Jews are not the descendants of Khazars or Judeans, but instead may trace much of their ancestry to ethnically Phoenician/Carthaginian elements of the Roman Empire.

Did the Romans’ “final solution to the Cathaginian question” that involved “encouraging voluntary migration” from Carthage ultimately fail? Did surviving Carthaginians and others of Phoenician ethnicity persist among the dregs of the Empire, with some of them converting to Judaism and becoming ancestors of today’s Jews? Sounds plausible to me—but not to Alan Sabrosky.

Second hour: Anthony Hall, Professor Emeritus of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, discusses his new article “Thousands of Israeli Jews Responded to the ICJ Ruling on Israeli Genocide By Dancing and Chanting ‘Death to the Arabs’.” Hall notes that just days after the ICJ ordered Israel to stop committing genocide, and to prevent and punish incitements to genocide, what amounted to a “Genocide Incitement Conference” was held last Sunday at the Jerusalem International Convention Center featuring 11 government ministers and 15 coalition lawmakers. Participants called for starving the Gazans (“don’t give them food…they will have to leave…”) and demanded the death penalty for “terrorists” (Gazans who remain in Gaza).

How will the ICJ respond? Will anyone, outside the Axis of Resistance, enforce its anti-genocide order?

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    Gustavo Espada has gone public speaking out against Israel and he’s being attacked! He might even lose his job just for putting 9/11 truth stuff on some posters at Harvard!


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    Maybe contact Harvard?

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