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FFWN: Can We Debate? (Is It Still Legal?)

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1) Help FFWN bust the birdcage

Debate 9/11!

2) Harvard Employee Asks To Debate 9/11 Conspiracies – Lynched by 9/11 Coverup Team at Daily Wire

3) 9/11 Debate Challenge at University of Wisconsin Raised to $2000, Approaching 12th anniversary

Israel Rejects Ceasefire – Continues US-Backed Genocide – 30k Dead

4) ‘Our Conditions’ – Full Text of Hamas Response to Ceasefire Proposal

5) US Feeds Israeli Genocide and Sadism in Gaza and Pushes for Insane Insurgency against Russia

6) ‘Our Firm Position’ on Any Normalization with Israel – Saudi Arabia

7) What Israeli Soldiers’ Videos Reveal: Cheering Destruction and Mocking Gazans (NYT)

8) Iran says it detected dozens of spies in 28 countries linked to Israel’s Mossad


9) Tucker interviews Putin

10) Tucker Carlson could face sanctions in Europe for ‘assisting a war criminal’ and being Putin’s ‘mouthpiece’ as EU politicians look to impose a travel ban on him following his controversial trip to Moscow to interview Russian leader

11) Musk responds to calls for Tucker Carlson’s arrest: “Anyone demanding that the journalist be detained for interviewing Vladimir Putin should themselves be arrested”

11.5) Ayatollah Khamenei banned by Zio-Zuck—Tucker to Tehran?


12) Supreme Court to Hear Case on Trump’s Eligibility for Another Term (NYT)

13) Trump scores ‘the biggest lead’ yet against Biden in new NBC poll

14) Biden’s Gaza Strategy Is an Illogical Disaster

15) Bill that could ban Trump from Hawaii ballot passes first test

16) Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump ‘Almost Certainly’ Won in 2020

Election Fraud: It’s Even Worse in Pakistan (But Not Enough to Stop Imran Khan)

17) Pakistan Is Stunned as Early Election Results Look Like a Real Race In shock result, allies of jailed ex-leader Khan win most seats in Pakistan election

18) Pakistan’s Elections Are Being Brazenly Rigged. Why Doesn’t the U.S. Seem to Care?

19) Pakistan’s Imran Khan, wife now get 7 years jail for marriage law violation


20) Senate GOP blocks border deal; future of Ukraine, Israel aid unclear (WaPo)

21) Three reasons why so many migrants want to cross from Mexico to US


22) Take Our Border Back convoy ends with rallies in 3 states over ‘national security crisis’

23) Adams defends prepaid migrant cards, part of $53M NYC pilot program: ‘Not giving people American Express’

24) Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg DEFENDS releasing migrants accused of attacking cops in Times Square – as Supreme Court Judge slams him for prosecuting COVID-19 vaccine card dodgers while letting violent perps walk

25) Washington state diverted $340M in federal COVID funds to immigrants, including via $1,000 checks


26) The U.S. Deported A Palestinian To Gaza — And He Was Killed A Few Months Later

27) Islamophobia Will Poison This Country

Not Scientifically Correct

28) CDC Warns CDC’s Own Scientists That Their Finding on Masks “Is Not Scientifically Correct”

29) California Code Enforcement Officer in a Small California Town Blew the Lid on an Illegal Biolab Teeming with Deadly Viruses

Fascist Snowmen & Mandatory Political Vomiting 

30) Berlin police investigate possibly fascist inflatable snowman, band sings “Fuck the AfD” on national TV, and the president of Eintracht Frankfurt demands that people vomit in the faces of AfD voters

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