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LIVE RADIO! Ron Unz on “The Fall of Affirmative Action?”, Jim Kavanagh on RFK Jr.’s Prospects & 50/50 Chance of WW3

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Ron Unz‘s 2012 article “The Myth of American Meritocracy” unleashed a chain reaction resulting in yesterday’s Supreme Court decision banning the consideration of race  in higher education admissions decisions. But the mainstream media isn’t giving him credit. Rather than using Unz’s “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” (9/11 truth, JFK truth, World War II truth, COVID origins truth, etc.) to try to discredit opposition to affirmative action, they are airbrushing him out of history.  Ron Unz: “I think this apparent ADL policy of enforced media silence probably explains why virtually the entire American journalistic community has spent the last five years avoiding any mention of my controversial involvement in the Harvard lawsuit, even if doing so might have derailed the case that now threatens to eliminate Affirmative Action in college admissions.”

Update: Today’s Jewish Daily Forward story “The Supreme Court just hobbled affirmative action — and an antisemitic conspiracy theorist helped” appears to be the only new mention of Ron Unz in the entire Jewish — I mean, mainstream — media. Lord Voldemort lives!

Second hour: Jim Kavanagh of The Polemicist considers “RFK Jr.’s Chances,” and aptly remarks: “If RFK, Jr. has boldly gone where other U.S. politicians dare not tread, into the forbidden territory of critiquing the sacred object, vaccines, he has not felt the need of trespassing on the aura of sacrality around that other exceptional object: Israel/Zionism.”

We’ll also consider recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, including the Prigozhin affair, and see whether Jim has revised last year’s estimate that the chances of it going nuclear are 50-50.



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