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FFWN: “Honesty Studies” Scholar Fabricated Findings (with Cat McGuire)

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1) Help FFWN pursue “honesty studies” outside of academia

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Breaking News

3) Supreme Court guts affirmative action in college admissions

4) The Fall of Affirmative Action? Ron Unz’s role erased by MSM  Ron Unz on Truth Jihad Radio Friday night

4.5) The Supreme Court just hobbled affirmative action — and an antisemitic conspiracy theorist helped

4.7) Violent Protests Sweep France

War on Russia

5) Russo-Ukrainian War: The Wagner Uprising: Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wild Ride

6) The real casualties of Russia’s ‘civil war’: the Beltway expert class

7) Ep. 7 Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship.

Pride Month Ends (Not Soon Enough)

8) LGBT “Culture War” Town Hall Hosted By #WalkAway Campaign Returns to NYC Pride Weekend To “Fight AGAINST Radical LGBTQIA+ Movement”

9) Azov Battalion Permanently Adopts “Rainbow Swastika” Pride Month Flag

Dissatisfied Voters

10) Germany’s Populist AfD Party Wins First County Commissioner in East Germany – So now the Federal Government Wants to Ban Them

11) NBC Poll: 74% of Voters Are “Deeply Dissatisfied” and Say Nation is On the Wrong Track


12) Kennedy, Condemning ‘Censorship,’ Hits Democrats and Courts the Disaffected

13) The First Maga Democrat

14) Robert Kennedy, Jr. Releases Beefcake Push-Up Video to Rattle the Democrat Party Elites

15) RFK Jr. a Psy-opper?!

Bitcoin Rising?

16) If RFK Jr. Becomes President, Pro-Bitcoin Policies More Likely

17) How BlackRock Can Push Bitcoin To $45,000 By August

COVID Fallout

18) The cardiovascular death toll from mRNA Covid jabs is hugely underreported, peer-reviewed studies suggest

19) The Amish Died of COVID at a Rate 90 Times LOWER Than the Rest of America

20) New Emails Reveal “The Experts” Knew the COVID Vaccines Would Fail All Along

21) Biden Admin REWARDS School Lockdown Champion With Homeland Security Role

22) Mondays Are the New Office Fight

Rampant Speculation

23) Billionaire James Crown killed in race car crash

24) JP Morgan board member’s death in wake of Epstein settlement sparks rampant speculation

Hunter & The Big Guy

25) Hunter Biden’s attorney blames his ADDICTION for WhatsApp message invoking dad Joe in business deal

26) IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley says he was barred from taking ‘certain investigative steps’ that could’ve led to President Biden

27) Freeze Hunter’s plea deal until we know which prosecutors lied to save him

28) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Hunter Biden Wrote Off Human Sex Trafficking as a Business Expense

Lucky Larry

29) Developer Silverstein Pitches Casino Project on Manhattan’s Far West Side

Honesty Studies

30) Harvard Scholar Who Studies Honesty Is Accused of Fabricating Findings

2 Thoughts to “FFWN: “Honesty Studies” Scholar Fabricated Findings (with Cat McGuire)”

  1. The last time Cat was on False Flag Weekly News, she was also cut off about fifteen minutes before it actually ended. That’s curious…

  2. CMarlon

    @11:30 “… if you want more money go back to your own country…” LOL. Why doesn’t America take its own advice?

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