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What Is the Dumbest Thing the Empire Wants Us to Believe? (False Flag Weekly News with Cat McGuire)

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays.

Guest commentator: Cat McGuire


1) Help FFWN Expose Dumb Things!

1.5) And Relocate to Become Sustainable

War on Russia

2) Russia says U.S. was behind Kremlin drone attack, drawing quick denial then MSM calls it a false flag (wish they’d covered 9/11 like this!)

3) Whisper it, but Ukraine may no longer be winning

4) West’s efforts to isolate Russia have failed – Lavrov

5) Using Poison in Ukraine’s Depleted Hope of Victory

War on China

6) Charles Lieber: From China Spy To Two Days Already Served

7) US intelligence agencies have not ruled out a lab manipulated virus

War on Everywhere

8) The US grip on the Middle East slips, and peace breaks out

9) Iran thanks Saudi Arabia for evacuating 65 citizens from Sudan

10) Facial Recognition Powers ‘Automated Apartheid’ in Israel, Report Says

11) The Single Dumbest Thing The Empire Asks Us To Believe

12) The Enemy From Within

Biden Admin

13) Joe Biden Is Rewarding People With Bad Credit

14) Newt Gingrich Has Warning About Michelle Obama After Key Staffer Departs Biden Admin

Neocons Exposed!

15) The Neocons and Their Rise to Power

16) The Extreme Center: How the Neocons Went Woke


17) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says he opposes biological males competing in women’s sports

18) The Only Decent Piece on RFK Jr.’s Run for President Is in (Jewish) Tablet Magazine

Lying Scoundrels

19) Sen. Ron Johnson: Antony Blinken ‘Lied Boldface’ to Congress About Emailing Hunter Biden 

20) AFT’s Randi Weingarten Shut Down on Twitter, CNN After Falsely Claiming She Fought to Reopen Schools

21) CIA Director, Noam Chomsky Named in Epstein’s Private Calendar: Report

Funny Money

22) JPMorgan Chase, Officially the Riskiest Bank in the U.S., Is Allowed by Federal Regulators to Buy First Republic Bank

23) How the War on Crypto Triggered a Banking Crisis

Censorship & Defamation

24) Ireland Passes Law Making It ILLEGAL To Read Non-Mainstream News Sources

25) Thomas Jeffereson University President Under Fire for Liking the Wrong Tweets (COVID & Gender Crimethink)

26) 20,000 (Defamation) Leagues Under the Sea

Culture Wars

27) Border Patrol Readies for MASS INVASION as Joe Biden Opens Southern Border and Lifts Title 42 in 9 More Days – 1,500 Troops Sent to Border

28) ‘Critical tipping point’: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot urges Texas Gov. Abbott to stop busing migrants

29) North Carolina’s Leading Medical Institutions “Duke, UNC, and ECU” Offers ‘Transgender’ Treatments to 2, 3, and 4 Years Old

Danger Ahead!

30) Doctors have performed brain surgery on a fetus in one of the first operations of its kind

31) ‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead

Demon Horses & AntiSemitic Cats

32) A Towering, Terrifying Demon Horse Isn’t Even the Weirdest Part (NYT on Denver Airport)

33) Anti-Semitic Cat Trashes Israeli Flag

One Thought to “What Is the Dumbest Thing the Empire Wants Us to Believe? (False Flag Weekly News with Cat McGuire)”

  1. Arden Kirkman

    As a North Carolina resident, I am appalled by Story #29 concerning the 3 medical schools in NC doing research and treatment on children 2, 3, and 4-years old to change their genders. I did not know this was happening and that it is the parents who have decided the genders should be changed..

    Also the need to operate on fetuses in the womb seems to me to be clearly the bad effects , at the parent’s .of the mRNA jabs on pregnant women.

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