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LIVE RADIO: John Carter on Commodified Intelligence; Ron Unz on Neocons, Chomsky & 9/11

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I like to showcase good writers with cutting-edge ideas on this show, and both of tonight’s guests fit the bill.

First hour: John Carter of the Postcards from Barsoom Substack returns to discuss his latest work, starting with “reGenerative AIgronomics or UBIomass: Occupational responses to the era of commodified intelligence.” As AI destroys jobs, producing permanent mega-unemployment, what will all the newly-minted useless eaters do? Depopulationists say “kill them off.” Yuval Harari says “let them eat drugs and video games.” But John Carter thinks permaculture gardening would be a much better use of the coming surplus of free time. I agree, assuming it works out that way…though I think AI is much more likely to destroy us than most people realize, and that what we really need is a Butlerian Jihad to put an end to it.

Second hour: Ron Unz of The Unz Review discusses his latest, “The Neocons and Their Rise to Power,” as well as my latest, “Chomsky’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein—and Suspected 9/11 Mastermind Ehud Barak—Exposed.” We largely agree on the neocons. But Ron thinks my article is too hard on Chomsky. We also disagree about allegations of Cheney-Rumsfeld complicity in 9/11, and to a lesser extent whether the truth movement made a mistake by emphasizing Bush Administration rather than Israeli authorship of the attacks. So it may be a livelier Ron Unz interview than usual, since we have very different views on some of tonight’s topics.

One Thought to “LIVE RADIO: John Carter on Commodified Intelligence; Ron Unz on Neocons, Chomsky & 9/11”

  1. Pat Flanagan

    Hi Kevin
    Too bad Ron tap danced for 56 minutes around 9/11 and avoided the Mt Everest question of Noam Chomsky’s real loyalty to the tribe same as Ron’s. The neo-cons as a whole swear loyalty to the rogue state of Israel. Ron Unz like Jeff Epstein is a control agent for everything goyische. Most neocons are goyim but their orders come from the Ashkenashim in New York and Tel Avic.
    Pat Flanagan, MD

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