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US Army Psy-Ops Whistleblower Scott Bennett on Elections, Ukraine, Iran, Islam

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Scott Bennett, author of The Shell Game (a copy of which he bestowed on Tucker Carlson) discusses the midterm elections, our participation in the Towards Tomorrow Seminar with former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and much more. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Kevin Barrett: Your take on the EU then is quite different from that of the EU’s top foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who raised some eyebrows a few weeks ago when he said “Europe is a garden and most of the rest of the world is a jungle and the jungle could invade the garden.” But there might be a little bit of truth to that (especially) if we imagine (as you’ve said) that these mRNA vaccines are indeed going to depopulate us to a certain extent, slowing our fertility. Fertility is already so low in the European world, and it’s down to just about replacement in North America. So with or without the effect of COVID, there is a differential between, say, African fertility, which is still quite high, and fertility in the U.S. and North America and Europe, which is much, much lower. And then if you factor in the mRNA vaccines and COVID, neither COVID nor the vaccines hit Africa very much. And then there are other countries in Asia as well with with somewhat higher birth rates than the West. So this garden versus jungle metaphor, of course, was very politically incorrect and and very arrogant. And of course his championing the EU is quite ridiculous, as you suggested. However, there is that demographic angle that maybe needs to be addressed.

Scott Bennett: Yeah, well, we studied this when I was back at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, way back in 2003 to 2008: the population winter coming and the demographic failure in Europe and America. And it’s only gotten worse. And there’s the other thing I’ve studied that’s doomed the West, Kevin (as opposed to) what I saw when I was in the Middle East: There’s such a preservation of feminine, delightful women, and they’re rejoicing in their feminine gifts and being women and being wives and mothers and being real girls in the most classical feminine sense. And there’s no oppression of women, there’s no brutality, there’s…there’s harmony.

Kevin Barrett: You’re saying there are still two different separate genders. Is that legal?!

Scott Bennett: Yes. There’s a complementariness that I was so refreshed to see. I loved talking with the young Muslim women that were at the conference. They’re very, very genteel and polite and everything beautiful that women are that has been preserved in their culture. In America, we have a complete abomination. The Feminine Mystique (by Betty Friedan). Karl Stern wrote about it in The Flight from Woman. George Gilder wrote about it in Men and Marriage and Sexual Suicide in the West. Since 1960, there has been a slow degeneration, decay and destruction of the feminine ideal of women as mothers and wives and their gentleness and serenity. Women exist in an emotional state for a reason, because God made them this way for the harmony of humanity. And we in the West have polluted and corrupted and deformed and and tried to rip women out of their natural state. It’s like taking a fish out of the ocean and putting, you know, paper wings on it and saying, Now you’re a bird. Well, it ain’t going to work. And we’ve seen that it doesn’t work, with the ferocity and anger and feminism and hatred of men and divorce that have grown in the last 30 years in America and its culture and pop culture.

And we have an amazingly toxic environment in this country that makes the natural love and attraction between men and the women, and the natural inclination to marriage, so embittered and cold and twisted. That’s the other the main pathology that afflicts us. And I didn’t see that over there. It doesn’t exist over there. So I look at these things from an emotional-psychological social science point of view. And I think, I keep saying, sadly, we are so full of toxicity. You were talking (earlier in the interview) about German self-loathing. This causes a mental breakdown on the individual and societal level, in emotional breakdowns and nervous breakdowns. You have an explosion of pent-up energy. So there’s enormous pent-up energy in Germany. There’s enormous pent-up energy in America. You see that in certain phenomena, such as Men Going Their Own Way, right? There’s a whole Internet subculture of men who are giving up marriage, giving up women, living their own lives.

Kevin Barrett: And they’re almost as mad at women as the feminists are at men.

Scott Bennett: Yes. So there’s an amazing animosity and toxicity that is brewing in this country. It’s an amazing thing to behold. But I didn’t see it anywhere in the Middle East. Not anywhere! It’s not there.

Kevin Barrett: So why do right-wing conservative people who share your values and mine—why do they, so many of them, hate Muslims and Islam?

Scott Bennett: That’s the sad thing. I can only say it’s the Jewish-Israeli-Zionist brainwashing and bags of money that they’ve been giving them, and the AIPAC brainwashing curriculums, and the Heritage Foundation briefing books that they give to these politicians. I’ve seen the briefing books.

Kevin Barrett: But it’s not just politicians. It’s also the ordinary people. People who comment on some of my articles and stuff — I see these these conservative people with values and critiques of a lot of things I can relate to. But lot of them have these bizarre hallucinations about Islam (and) hate Islam. What you’re saying wouldn’t fit at all with with their world-view.

Scott Bennett: They’re ignorant, Kevin. They’ve never been over there. They’ve never met these people. They’ve never shared time and meals with them and spoken intimately. And that’s the sad thing. But there’s no animosity between the Muslims and Christian people. I was amazed at the the lack of animosity, because I was looking at it from an American point of view. I was looking at it like, well, I’d be pissed off, I’d be this, I’d be that, I’d want vengeance. I want to kick the shit out of people if they came into my country and broke things and killed my relatives. But I’m looking at it from an American Western point of view. Their point of view was different. Their point of view is, God’s in charge. God will do everything. Our job is to walk in love. And I kept coming back to God. That’s what the Bible says. Walk in love. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

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