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FFWN: Money Money Money Can’t Buy False Flag Weekly News!

Guest host Cat McGuire

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above, or a shorter version on my YouTube channel  (where the broadcast begins after story #3)


1) Support FFWN so we don’t have to ask Soros/Gates/Pfizer/Moderna!


2) “Watch NYC Woman Dressed As Nurse Cackle, Mock COVID-19 Vaccine At Halloween Parade”

3) Germany: Long list of athletes who “suddenly” died or were seriously ill. Over 75 known cases in the last 5 months

4) UK Data: Over-30 Vaxxed Catch & Spread More COVID than Unvaxxed

Oh Deer!

5) New study suggests SARS-CoV-2 spreading widely within wild deer population

Draconian Mandates

6) The Biden administration sets a Jan. 4 vaccination deadline for private sector workers.

7) From Boeing to Mercedes, a U.S. worker rebellion swells over vaccine mandates

8) 9000 Unvaccinated N.Y.C. Workers Put on Unpaid Leave as Mandate Begins

9) Families could be denied death benefits if their unvaccinated loved one dies

10) Aaron Rogers and Leo Chenal—Wisconsin’s Top Two Football Stars—Resist the “Vax from Hell”

11) Aussie women’s sports star who protested ‘experimental’ Covid vaccine warned she will be ‘replaced’ unless she reverses stance

12) (New Normal) Winter is Coming


13) To Protect Fauci, The Washington Post is Preparing a Hit Piece on the Group Denouncing Gruesome Dog Experimentations

14) Resist the “unique patient identifier


15) Youngkin defeats McAuliffe in race for Virginia governor  

16) Truck Driver Ousts N.J. State Senate Leader After Spending Just $1,813 On Flyers And Donuts

17) The “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Freakout Goes Next-Level

18) The FEC affirmed that foreigners can fund US ballot measures because they’re technically not elections


19) Trump claims ‘Israel literally owned Congress’ (and insists that this is good) in bizarre attack on the Squad

20) When Eisenhower and Nixon reined in Israel and defied the lobby

21) Inside the Unraveling of American Zionism 

War on China & Iran

22) China Set Out to Expand Nuclear Triad Amid Fears US Would Strike Before 2020 Election Report Says

23) IRGC Navy Foils US Attempt at Oil Theft

War on Islam

24) REMEMBER REMEMBER THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER 2009: Nidal Malik Hasan of Virginia Tech, Bethesda, and Fort Hood: A Major Patsy in a Drill Gone Live?

25) An Unprecedented Testimony, Guantánamo Prisoner Majid Khan Finally Tells His Story at Sentencing Hearing

26) The Constitution of Madinah: A Model for the Taliban, and for All Islamic Governance


27) FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting

28) As the trial for Ahmaud Arbery’s killing starts, activists from across the country are showing up to support him and his family

Culture Wars

29) Colin Kaepernick, in his new Netflix special, compares NFL training camps to slavery.

Class War

30) Newsweek Opinion — We’re Living Through the Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History

Safe Spaces?

31) The Last 3 Countries In The World Without Travel Restrictions

Expecting the Return

32) Hundreds of QAnon supporters gather in Dallas expecting return of JFK Jr.

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