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Matthew Ehret on religion in China: Propaganda vs. reality

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Matthew Ehret‘s “Debunking Anti-Chinese Psy-Ops” series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) systematically refutes the arguments of China-bashers. While disapproving of some of China’s policies on free expression and religion, Ehret argues that the Western banksters’ New World Order is much worse than the Chinese social control system: “Where one is devoted to closed system depopulation and unipolarism, the other is devoted to open system long term growth and multipolarism.”

Does China just want to be China and let other nations be themselves? Is the West run by millenarian messianic maniacs seeking total control over the entire world, if not the universe? Are the Western banksters ratcheting up fourth generation covert war on China, including biological warfare attacks targeting China’s livestock and people?

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