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Cat McGuire and Tessa Lena on freedom movement & infiltration

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Guests: Cat McGuire and Tessa Lena. Cat is a seasoned activist in NYC, formerly a supporter of left-wing causes, now a mainstay of the freedom movement. (She helped organize Saturday’s rally in Times Square, NYC, featuring RFK Jr.) In this interview she comments on the new story from Children’s Health Defense headlined “New Report Details Efforts to Infiltrate Disrupt Health Freedom Movement.” The story cites the new Themis report detailsing how disruptive operatives:

  • Infiltrate, mimic and ultimately hijack existing groups by piggybacking on brand recognition.
  • Target group owners, earn trust and then install bots that enable the takeover of the group to assert new identities and goals.
  • Control content that can be shared within groups and distort group missions.
  • Steer groups toward aggressive or unproductive behavior and confuse members with regard to peaceful protest locations and assertion of values.
  • Harvest private data and information related to health freedom strategies.

Has the authentic freedom movement hub World Wide Demonstration been hijacked by a decoy Cointelpro group World Wide USA? Is Telegram overrun by fake health freedom groups whose carefully-chosen names closely resemble authentic groups?

Cat McGuire writes: “Having read the Themis report, as an activist in the very areas it discusses, I’m in a position to comment on it’s usefulness, veracity, comparison with other infiltrations like cointelpro, etc.”

Tessa Lena joins us halfway through the hour to discuss her recent articles on Peter McCullough, Medical Sovereignty, and more.

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