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FFWN: “Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED

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1) Help FFWN fight apartheid!

NYC Protests

2) Protesters Against Vaccine Mandates in NYC: ‘This Is a Turning Point’

3) Cat makes NYT Instagram!

Medical Issues

4) No, lifting lockdowns isn’t hiding the success of the vaccines

5) Beyond Industrial Medicine (Charles Eisenstein)

COVID Origins

6) MSM debunks “accidental lab leak” theory—ignoring that COVID was deliberate neocon bioattack on China and Iran

7) COVID-19 Biowar Investigation: Persons of Interest


8) CNN pressures Substack to ban dissident (“wrong”) writers

9) YouTube hammered for ‘pervasive and institutionalized’ censorship after booting anti-vaxxers off platform

10) YouTube CEO says celebrating freedom of speech is a “core value”

11) The Moscow Times: Russia Threatens YouTube Block Over RT German Spat

Orwell Down Under

12) Australia shuts down internet service to protesters  

13) Apartheid State: Australia locks down unvaxxed 

Graveyard of Empires

14) ‘Biden Lied’: President Blasted After Top Generals Directly Contradict What Biden Said About Afghanistan

15) US Marine Who Sought Accountability From Military Leaders Over Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Jailed

16) Pakistani Eyewitnesses Say Operation to Take Out Bin Laden in 2011 ‘Staged’

Zio-Occupied USA

17) Jewish security group opens national command center in Chicago 

18) GOP Rep. Fires Back at AIPAC’s Attacks Over Not Supporting Israel’s Iron Dome Funding Bill

19) Nina Turner says pro-Israel businessman called on her to ‘disavow the Squad’ — leading to Ohio loss

20) Young Evangelical support for Israel drops by half in 3 years – study


21) The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’

22) Joe Biden could be tempted to reach for the platinum coin

23) IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt

24) $3.5 Trillion for the Build Back Better Agenda Is Much, Much Less Money Than You Think

25) Democrats to raise cap on Biden’s IRS transaction data proposal

26) Federal Reserve’s Kaplan and Rosengren Resign Amid Scrutiny Over Dubious Trades

Trump Wars

27) Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot-out: Inside the CIA’s secret war plans against WikiLeaks 

28) Arizona Senate Told of Multiple Inconsistencies Found in Election Audit  

29) The I.R.S. Can Register Voters as Well as the D.M.V., and Maybe Better


30) Large hydrogen-powered airliners could be in service by 2030

31) A Boston company will control a tugboat from 3,600 miles away  


32) DHS admits allowing 12k Hatian immigrants into US  

More Medical Misinformation

33) Lancet Journal Apologizes After Referring to Women as ‘Bodies With Vaginas’ in Latest Edition

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