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LIVE RADIO! Foster Gamble on Thrive II, Ken Meyercord on 9/11 Remote Hijackings

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Foster Gamble discusses the terrific new Thrive II film. Among the questions it raises: Is the Unified Field a “living force within us,” a solution to the biggest problem in physics, or both? Are the same harmonic resonances at work in certain physical and psychological healing techniques as in “free energy” technologies? Are our planet’s most powerful individuals and institutions involved in a conspiracy to suppress knowledge of these facts and techniques? Is this conspiracy the biggest obstacle to the goal we should all be working for: a thriving human population in a sustainable world? Is the cornerstone of libertarian philosophy, the non-aggression principle, the key to defeating this conspiracy? And if some or all of the above is true, how does it relate to  traditional modes of religious and spiritual practice?

Second hour: Ken Meyercord discusses his article “9/11: Controlled Demolition of Truth.” In it he writes:

“I believe the planes were remotely controlled. One of the most telling pieces of evidence for this is the incredible bit of flying the supposed pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, Hani Hanjour, performed. The maneuver he made—a 270 degree turn while descending thousands of feet at 400 mph—led air traffic controllers watching it on their radar screens to think it must be a fighter jet. More experienced pilots than Hanjour (not exactly the valedictorian of his flight school class) say he would have been lucky to even find the Pentagon, much less perform such a loop-de-loop and hit the outer wall dead on (Maybe one of those aces who say it wasn’t such a difficult feat would be willing to prove it by duplicating the flight path—sans final impact***).

“What could have performed the stunt is a computer. Remote control of airplanes has been around as far back as 1962 when the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed blowing up a civilian airliner in midair so it could be blamed on the Castro regime.”

Ken adds:

“In his book, The Big Bamboozle (p. 30), (suicided ex-CIA drug pilot Philip Marshall) proposes an airfield in Pinal, Arizona known to have ‘Intelligence Community’ connections as the likely spot where the hijackers learned to fly Boeings, noting that it had functioning 757s and 767s on hand in the summer of 2001. Sounds like a good place to start as to where remote control functionality could have been installed on the four hijacked planes, if only we could provoke someone in authority to look into it.” (Ex-NSA whistleblower and journalist Wayne Madsen has speculated that Marshall was killed for writing a book, suppressed by those who killed him, pointing to “the boneyard” in Arizona as the final resting place of at least two of the airliners used on 9/11 and retired from service years later.)


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