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Dissident novelist Philip Kraske on “Legacy of Chains” (on US POWs left behind in Vietnam)

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Philip Kraske’s grippingly readable new novella A Legacy of Chains fleshes out an interesting and not-entirely-implausible scenario: A few surviving American POWs left behind in Vietnam, now senior citizens, manage to escape…but find an American government and media determined to suppress their story, and the “Enormous Crime” it reveals.

Something not unlike the events in the story actually happened when Robert Garwood, one of the more than 600 US prisoners of war held hostage by the Vietnamese after the cessation of hostilities, managed to escape in 1979 to tell the tale…only to be betrayed by his own government and slandered by the media.

Would the US government really condemn 600 American prisoners of war to forced labor and slow death in captivity just to avoid paying a couple of billion dollars ransom to Hanoi? The clear and unambiguous answer is, “yes, it did.” And the US media and political class, including treasonous fake war hero scumbag John McCain, engineered and maintained an absurdly flimsy yet somehow durable cover-up. As Kraske’s novel suggests, that betrayal—one of a seemingly endless series of betrayals of the American people by their rogue government of psychopathic war criminals and the media that cover for them—is likely to, sooner or later, spark a revolutionary uprising and/or civil war.




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