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Philip Kraske on “The War in Ukraine Will End with a Bang — Soon”

Listen HERE Video link Did the neocons instigate the Ukraine war with the intention of creating a pretext for a nuclear first strike on Russia? Philip Kraske says yes! Read his article “The War in Ukraine Will End with a Bang — Soon.” Then listen to me push back against some of his claims…and decide for yourself. Philip Kraske is the author six books including A Legacy of Chains (inspired by the true story of US prisoners left behind in Vietnam) and 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bonsai Trees. (Listen to his earlier Truth Jihad Radio interviews.)


Dissident novelist Philip Kraske on “Legacy of Chains” (on US POWs left behind in Vietnam)

Listen HERE Philip Kraske’s grippingly readable new novella A Legacy of Chains fleshes out an interesting and not-entirely-implausible scenario: A few surviving American POWs left behind in Vietnam, now senior citizens, manage to escape…but find an American government and media determined to suppress their story, and the “Enormous Crime” it reveals. Something not unlike the events in the story actually happened when Robert Garwood, one of the more than 600 US prisoners of war held hostage by the Vietnamese after the cessation of hostilities, managed to escape in 1979 to tell the tale…only to be betrayed by his own government…


Novelist Philip Kraske on “11/9”

Listen HERE “Nuclear blackmail! America’s iconic symbols attacked! The nation is terrorized again. Not only that, but it emerges that one of the terrorists is still on the loose…” That’s from the publicity for Philip Kraske‘s excellent new novel 11/9 and the Terrorist Who Loved Bansai Trees. It’s a great read—and one of the most plausible fictional portrayals of false flag terror you’re ever likely to come across. Most of us who continue to do research on 9/11 focus primarily on the question of what really happened that day. There will eventually be a definitive answer to that question that…