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Ron Unz on “Waging Biological Warfare”

Has the US repeatedly used bioweapons in anger? Is COVID-19 just the latest episode?

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Ron Unz, who has written about the Suvorov thesis (discussed in my previous interview with Sean McMeekin) discusses his most recent article “American Pravda: Waging Biological Warfare.” In it he summarizes material from Nicholson Baker (author of “The Lab Leak Hypothesis“) and other mainstream authors who have recounted bits and pieces of the suppressed history of US biological warfare programs.

Does biological warfare represent a much greater threat than is commonly understood? And did the COVID-19 pandemic emerge from a biowar lab leak, as Baker surmises—or from a deliberate US neocon biowar strike on China and Iran, as Ron Unz has persuasively argued?

Note: I am reading Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act and will be inviting the author, Nicholson Baker, to appear on this show.

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