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FFWN: Anti-Semitic Anti-Vax Crackpots Refute Ad Hominem Arguments (with Cat McGuire)

Broadcasts live 11 to noon Eastern Saturdays — watch the full uncensored version above, or a shorter version on my YouTube channel  (where the broadcast begins after story #6)


1) Annoy Alan Dershowitz, Contribute to FFWN!

1.5) Support 9/11 Families Protesting 9/11 Coverup

Just the Vax Ma’am

2) New York becomes first U.S. city to order COVID vaccines for restaurants, gyms 

3) Ex-DHS Apparatchik Proposes No-Fly List for Unvaxxed

4) You’re going to be asked to prove your “master race” status under vax apartheid. Here’s how to do it.

5) Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? 

6) Are the Opponents of the Covid Injections “Anti-Vaxx Crackpots”? Interview with Ron Unz

7)  ‘Qui?’ Antisemitic Propaganda Floods Anti-Vaccination Movement in France as Jewish Doctors Report Harassment by Activists

Hey Censors, Delete THIS!

8) NYT: 9/11 Truth Is Anti-Semitic, YouTube Must Delete It

9) GIFCT just had their Global Summit 2021   

10) Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours   

War on Iran

11) US, UK Reportedly Greenlight Israeli ‘Response’ to Iran Over Mercer Street Tanker Attack

12) Bibi Says Biden Could Ruin Israeli Operations Against Iran by Leaking Info to US Media – Report—report/

War on China

13) WaPo hypes House Republican false flag blaming China for COVID

Violent Extremism

14) Fourth Capitol riot cop, 26, commits suicide six months after January 6   

15) The Big Money Behind the Big Lie

16) “The Second Amendment Is Not Intended for Black People” 


17) Over Half NY Assembly Wants To Oust Cuomo If He Doesn’t Quit   

18) Future president? Kamala Harris now ‘underwater’ as sinking popularity alarms Democrats   

Real Estate

19) Revealed: Dems took millions from real estate developers before allowing eviction moratorium to end

20) Tiny House Village For Oakland Homeless Goes In at Long-Vacant Lot Beside Lake Merritt


21) Israel won’t let Olympic gold medalist Dolgopyat marry

22) Bill to give Israel billions of dollars passes House now on to Senate

23) Israel lobby helps Shontel Brown defeat Nina Turner   

Moneymaking Opportunities

24) Training self-driving cars for $1 an hour

25) Amazon will pay you $10 in credit for your palm print biometrics

26) Baltimore Math Professor Who Sold Grades for Cash Gets One Year in Jail

27) Wall Street is buying up family homes. The rent checks are too juicy to ignore 

Heal Hitler

28) 100-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard to be tried

29) ‘Heal Hitler’ video game simulates therapy for Nazi leader, drawing outrage 

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