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Eric Beeth, MD: Bioengineered COVID + Vaccines = Protection Racket

Eric Beeth, MD

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Eric Beeth, a medical doctor in Brussels, Belgium, is appalled by the way so many of his fellow doctors have failed to think critically about COVID-19, question orders from big pharma and the for-profit medical mafia, and remain true to¬†Hippocrates’ commandment: “First, do no harm.”

Dr Beeth says:

“We must be very careful that our treatments do not do any harm, and that we give our patients very individualized care, meaning that if we give them something it is because we are sincerely convinced that this is what this patient needs, as if we were treating our own family, our own parents, our own children. We must give our own patients the same high level care…”

“I’m very concerned that the experimental injections that were proposed against the most likely fabricated SARS2 coronavirus are even being given to children…”

“In our clinical practice we are seeing strange thrombosis-like symptoms in our vaccinated patients that are worrisome. I talk with colleagues who are cardiologists, I talk with other specialists, and I work with my wife who is also a general practitioner. And we see these cases, and they are worrisome. And you don’t go out and report them all…less than 10% of true side effects of these types of injections get reported. In actual fact it’s most likely about 1%.”

Dr. Beeth speculates that the same criminal forces that created the COVID bioweapon are also behind (at least some of) the vaccines, and that the disease-vaccine combination looks like a classic protection racket.

Are we allowed to say such things on the internet? Try posting this interview on social media and see.


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