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Homer Van Meter: “I Stopped an Illuminati Human Sacrifice”

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Homer Van Meter may be the most interesting narrator of “told as true” personal experience narratives I have ever encountered. I read his mind-blowing autobiographical account Dreaming Time: Anatomy of a Cover-Up during Halloween week and all I can say is, boy was I spooked. The book chronicles Van Meter’s killing five satanic cultists, and wounding a couple of others, while stopping a Halloween night (2004) human sacrifice in redwood forests not far from Bohemian Grove. Two of the satanic survivors of that gunfight tracked him down in northern Wisconsin and tried to kill him in spring 2006. Though Homer’s bullet-riddled body testified to the truth of the 2006 shooting, the Deep State decided to cover up the whole affair by casting Homer as a deranged lumberjack and tall tale teller—the greatest since Paul Bunyan, apparently—who had made up the whole thing, and shot himself multiple times in nearly-fatal trajectories, in order to give his astounding tale the imprimatur of truth.

Though I understand why blue-pilled readers may think Homer Van Meter’s story (especially the reincarnation part) is literally incredible, and his heroics too “legendary” to be real, I ultimate have to come down on the side of believing the guy. The problem is that as crazy as his story is, it appears that the official version is a whole lot crazier. Even those tasked with discrediting Van Meter ultimately admitted that they were wrong, and that he cannot have shot himself nearly to death in 2006. So who the hell did shoot him multiple times that day? Was it two of the same cultists who shot him five times on Halloween night in 2004? That’s what Homer says. Call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I believe him. As Sherlock Holmes put it, “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

The fact that this incredibly media-genic case, including a court trial right here in Wisconsin, was so assiduously covered up that I only heard about it a month or so ago, also testifies to the likely truth of Homer Van Meter’s account.

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