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Ron Unz on Election Train Wreck

Ron Unz, former publisher of The American Conservative

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Ron Unz may be the most important figure in alternative media. His latest article “Glenn Greenwald Escapes His $100 Million Webzine” examines the massive pre-election suppression of news about Biden corruption scandals.

Tonight we’ll discuss our respective takes on the ongoing train wreck of an election, as well as the censorship epidemic surrounding and feeding on it.

Ron is skeptical about my endorsement of the work of Jonathan Simon, who suspects that massive voting machine rigging in favor of Republicans has been an ongoing feature of major federal elections since 2004.

One Thought to “Ron Unz on Election Train Wreck”

  1. Amin Abdullah

    On that picture, Ron Unz very much looks like ‘Eliot Spitzer’. For some reason, I used to like Mr Spitzer. He earned himself ‘the sheriff of wall street’ nickname. Then they set him up using a prostitute and the retards who vote are just too holy for that kind of thing.

    Another reminder that a woman who is not trying her best to be close to Allah, is just like an earthly version of Satan : hungry ego, seduction, deception, destruction, illusions…etc.

    NO MA’AM.

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