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FFWN: Coup vs. Counter-Coup?

Watch live 11 to noon Eastern

With Prof. Emeritus of Globalization Studies Anthony Hall


1) Help FFWN Critique the Media that Fabricate “Reality”

2) Coronavirus–An Inside Job. Live Video-Streamed Movie + Webinar Coming Up Sunday, November 29th

3) The Strange Demise of The American Herald Tribune

3A)American Herald Tribune has been shut down by the FBI

3B) More on The Strange Demise of The American Herald Tribune

4) Lawyers’ Committee Petitions Congress To Reopen Anthrax Investigation

Election Meltdown

5) “Bush Whisperer” Andrew Card Says Slow Transition = 911-2B

6) Trump administration removes senior defense officials and installs loyalists, triggering alarm at Pentagon and in Iran

7) Coup Attempt in Motion Now!! Trump Stacking Pentagon in Last Ditch Attempt at Iran War

8) Richest Americans Win With a Divided U.S. Government (Did They Rig It That Way?)

9) Pompeo Says There Will Be a Smooth Transition to Second Trump Term  Pompeo Adds Details on “Smooth Transition” (satire)

10) Breitbart Finally Notices Voting Machines Can Be Rigged

11) Fox cuts away from McEnany press conference

12) Globalists are maneuvering Trump right into the “dictator” scenario they want; when he WINS, they launch the kinetic coup and overthrow the Republic

13) The War Is Over…GloboCap Triumphs!

14) According to Rappoport, Big Media Going Down in Flames for Pretending to Be Judge and Jury on the Election Outcome,

15) Jonathan Simon: Why advocates for election integrity should resist the temptation to hitch a ride with Trump


16) JPMorgan Finds No Benefits From COVID Lockdowns

17) Does Canada Have a Secret COVID-19 Quarantine Camp in Manitoba?


18) More Internet Censorship About to Be Imposed to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy,

19) Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force Is A Rockefeller, Council On Foreign Relations, Gates Foundation Swamp

20) Tessa: Biden’s “Build Back Better” = Technofascism

21) Pfizer’s CEO sold $5.6 million in stock on same day of vaccine news

22) [NY] State Bar Passes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Recommendation

23) Biden COVID Advisor: Life After 75 Not Worth Living (Biden Is 77)

24) Jewish PR flack “fell into QAnon and went viral for destroying a Target mask display. Now she’s rebuilding her life” (nothing fishy about this story!)\

Zionist Entity

25) The Jonathan Pollard Case at the Nexus of Conflict Between Two US Presidents, and

26) The real election lesson for Jews: American and Israeli Jews are no longer one people (magic Illuminati number is 77!)

27) Zio-Propagandist & Black Ops Pro Einat Wilf, Husband of Nice/Munich Terror PR Photographer Richard Gutjahr, Introduces “Muslim Zionism”

28) Flashback: Notorious Israel-linked “terror journalist” Gutjahr crushed by German courts!

29) Lady Renouf vindicated over Dresden speech

Dark Days

30) Head of UK Military: “WW3 Coming, Give Us More Money!”

31) 19 pro-democracy lawmakers to resign in Hong Kong’s ‘darkest day … so far’

32) Does Bizarre Giuliani Press Conference Send a Message?





One Thought to “FFWN: Coup vs. Counter-Coup?”

  1. Paul Barbara

    Though I have no time for Trump (or Biden,Clintons, Bushes, Obomba etc.) I support Trump on this election rigging business. I know the Repugnants also rig elections (look at George W. Bush’s election theft in 2000 and 2004), but that doesn’t justify turning a blind eye to the Biden camp’s massive theft in the last election. I’m with Tony Hall on this one.

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