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Trump Campaign Activist Rolf Lindgren Debates “No Fan of Republicans” John Hankey

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Wisconsin-based Trump campaign operative Rolf Lindgren, debates conspiracy filmmaker John Hankey on the 2020 presidential elections. Will Wisconsin “swing” to Trump and help keep the orange archfiend in the White House? It will if Rolf can help it! A former Libertarian activist, Rolf now works with the Wisconsin Republican Party on the Trump for President campaign.

As for John Hankey, he has little use for Trump, having gone so far as to accuse our fearless leader of signing off on the COVID-19 strike on China and Iran and then getting vaccinated in November at Bethesda Naval Hospital. (That hypothesis took a hit from the recent news that Trump has allegedly contacted COVID.) Yet from Hankey’s perspective Trump is a lesser evil compared to other Republicans. Hankey writes:

“I DO think Trump wanted to end the war in Afghanistan (as Obama did) but they wouldn’t let him (though they probably didn’t threaten to kill him, as they did to Obama…)  I do think that Trump/Bannon takes the position, on the right, that you don’t have to kill soldiers, to loot the treasury using the defense budget.  You just loot. No war necessary.  So we can agree that Trump is a million times better than a Bush or a Romney or anyone else from that cabal. Bannon sold the Republican rulers on the idea that if Romney lost by 8 million votes to a guy whose middle name is Hussein, you had to get a candidate who could imply that Bush did 9-11: Trump, if you wanted people to vote for a Republican. I think I’d rather talk about that stuff, than this virus bs.”

Interestingly enough, Lindgren and Hankey agree that COVID-19 was made in a lab under the direction of the Western power elite, and that it was designed to solve the looming demographic problem of baby boomers living expensively and unproductively deep into retirement age.

John Hankey is the director of Dark LegacyThe Assassination of JFK Jr., and COVID-19 Inside Job.

One Thought to “Trump Campaign Activist Rolf Lindgren Debates “No Fan of Republicans” John Hankey”

  1. maisoon

    Mr Lindgren is living in a false reality if he truly believes Trump is fighting the New World Order and the Deep State.
    JUDEO Zionst Trump, a Chabad Lubavitch Devotee posing as a fake Christian, is very much a part of the Establishment and the Deep State Lindgren claims Trump is opposing.
    What is unfolding is in fighting between these Tribal factions, a squabble among the Mafia Family.Lindgren so many times has said he does not give a damn about the Foreign Policies of Trump as long as he makes ‘America great. But Trump’s policies are ALL for Jewish and Israeli interets and NOT for every ordinary American, only the Bankster, Corporate obscenely rich variety to which Zionist Trump is a member.
    Lindgren has an exceedingly selfish approach with his sickening adulation of Trump presenting him as a saviour but fails to SEE at what COST to others suffering especially abroad where America sticks his bloody hands in without permission, always playing the Military bully boy just like their Israeli Master
    The Jews and Israel will guarantee the RE INSTALLMENT of KING CYRUS whom they have firmly under their control lock stock and barrel, a man who cannot think for himself or say anything without it being approved by his Judeo/Israeli Handlers who have pumped him up with so many drugs that have addled the brain of this sexual pervert and moron.
    His opponent another AVOWED and Corrupt Zionist and Israeli Firster is equally corrupt, vile and a Sexual predator who also has serious mental problems
    Poor Americans, you just do not have an alternative Zionist and Israeli free political Party and candidate that is not mandated to be beholden to Israel under the required Allegiance which Cynthia Mckinney refused to swear to
    Lindgren is doing a great disservice to Americans in his blind support for a deceitful man programmed by Israel and all his Jewish Mentors from Roy Cohn through to Netanyahu, Kushner and Adelson’s dirty money as well as his own Lubavitcher daughter ad their Rabbis who daily give Trump his orders and ‘guidance’

    Trump will aid Israel in replacing America as the Nuclear armed Super Power which will utterly bankrupt America politically morally and financially.
    There is nothing’great about America- nothing, as it is the second biggest War Criminal and State sanctioned Terrorist after Israel with the UK as no 3.
    Being a BULLY that threatens world peace is not something Americans should be proud of as they under their various Commanders in Chief, and that includes mentally challenged Trump, so easily mind controlled, have proven to have carried out Crimes against Humanity in the Middle East, in Africa, Latin America, in North Korea/Vietnam/Cambodia and shamefully but happily supported Israel’s War Crimes and Terrorism, even on US soil!
    Your Banksters and Corporations destroyed America, outsourcing your Manufacturing Industries abroad for CHEAP LABOUR to China, Bangladesh and Korea which your President then has the GALL to blame on China!
    Making America Great ‘again- I ask at WHOSE EXPENSE and Lives and for whose BANK BALANCE??

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