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Donald Hank (Vince Dhimmos): Why I Left Christian Zionism

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Donald Hank speaks eight languages and blogs as “Vince Dhimmos” at New Silk Strategies and elsewhere. Born into American Christian Zionism, Don’s intelligent curiosity led him to investigate and ultimately reject parochial worldviews in favor of the broader outlook featured in his posts on international relations.

“My dad…became convinced that Jesus was coming any moment. In fact, he told us as kids ‘now that Israel is a nation again’— as of 1948, and this was in the 50s, so this had just happened—’you kids (there were me and two sisters) will never grow up.’ Well, some people might say I never did grow up! But that’s beside the point…(My father) thought that in five or six years at the most Jesus was coming back. He based that on the prophecy in Ezekiel 37 that Israel would become a nation. And so when we grew up anyway, in spite of his prophecy, we began to question this: ‘There’s something wrong, people have been deceived.’ And I believe it was the Scofield Bible that deceived them.”

Today, Donald Hank recognizes that Zionism is on the side of Antichrist rather than Christ. He writes: “As for their belief that modern Israel is the Israel prophesied in Ezekiel 37, there is a major hitch in that chapter. Verse 24 says this Israel resurrected from the dry bones will be ‘obedient to God’s decrees.’ So what’s the hitch? A Gallup poll shows that 65% of Israelis have no religion at all! (Israel among the least religious countries in the world). Thus it is clearly not Ezekiel’s reborn Israel!”

The interview starts with Christian Zionism and touches on COVID (Don is locked down 22 hours a day in Panama), language and translation issues, and the respective doctrines of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and their political ramifications.




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