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Interfaith Dialogue with “Follower of Christ” Tom Compton

Listen HERE Tom Compton of We Hold These Truths joins me for some interfaith dialogue after sending the following email: “I’m a big fan of your interviews. In this interview with Ellen Brown, you reminded me of an incident over 10 years ago when I received an email from a fellow Christian sharing a hateful and untrue email about Muslims. I wrote a response: “Why Do Some Christians Love to Hate Muslims.” “About five years after this incident, I received the same email from a Jewish Zionists urging me to pass it along before Sharia overtakes the US. Our group,…


Disasters Everywhere! Is God Punishing America for Supporting Israel’s Genocide of Jesus’s Family?

By Kevin Barrett America is suffering a series of disasters of Biblical proportions. Political chaos reigns, and possible civil war looms, in the wake of the January 6 Capitol insurrection. Half a million Americans have died of COVID—the worst death toll in the world. In Texas, America’s biggest hotbed of Christian Zionism, millions of people have been left without electricity and drinking water after the Polar Vortex hammered the Lone Star State. Hurricanes, wildfires, tornados…the list seems endless, and it’s getting worse. Is God angry with the USA? That’s what Christian Zionist preachers love to tell us. After 9/11, Jerry Falwell…


Donald Hank (Vince Dhimmos): Why I Left Christian Zionism

Listen HERE Donald Hank speaks eight languages and blogs as “Vince Dhimmos” at New Silk Strategies and elsewhere. Born into American Christian Zionism, Don’s intelligent curiosity led him to investigate and ultimately reject parochial worldviews in favor of the broader outlook featured in his posts on international relations. “My dad…became convinced that Jesus was coming any moment. In fact, he told us as kids ‘now that Israel is a nation again’— as of 1948, and this was in the 50s, so this had just happened—’you kids (there were me and two sisters) will never grow up.’ Well, some people might say…