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David Pidcock: Signs of the “End Times” Are All Around Us!

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David Musa Pidcock, co-founder of the Islamic Party of Britain (the first Islamic party in the West) is the author of Satanic Voices – Ancient and Modern – a classic discussion of the Salman Rushdie Satanic Verses affair from a Muslim perspective. His other books include Dark Knights of the Solar Cross and Inside the Brotherhood (co-authored with Martin Short).

In this interview he begins:

“The British Embassy wrote a letter notifying the British government of what had just happened on July 8th, 1908, in Constantinople. A coup d’état had taken place. And the whole of the Ottoman Empire was then taken over by 70,000 Masonic Jews from Salonica. (The letter) gives the whole background of what had gone on, and what would happen.

“The Ottoman Empire, after the Spanish Inquisition, had opened Salonica to the Jews and allowed them to congregate there. It became the most Jewish town in Europe.

“And interesting things happened in 1666. There was the Great Fire of London, which was set on purpose by the bankers so they could pass the coinage act. And Shabtai Tzvi, who had come to ‘liberate’ al Quds/Jerusalem, got to Constantinople. The Sultan ordered him to stop, go back, lose his head, or convert (to Islam). Being a devout coward, he converted. He ended up in Salonica. What’s particularly nasty about this particular individual (was that) his ten commandments were the reverse of the Mosaic law. ‘Thou shalt commit adultery’ was his first commandment. One day each year they had a festival of wife-swapping. And so nobody knew who their real father was. And this applied to Mustafa Kemal (Attaturk), and those who ruled and continued to rule Turkey almost until today. If you see Mustafa Kemal’s picture behind Erdogan, you wonder why he has it there, since he knows the history.”

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