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Pastor Randy Short Calls Out BLM Movement Phonies


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Pastor Randy Short is helping lead authentic black leaders’ pushback against the sold-out-and-infiltrated Black Lives Matter movement. Does he agree with me that white police should be ejected from African-American communities, in favor of self-policing by religiously based groups? Listen and see.

Randy once faced a police officer busting into a university study area at three a.m. with gun drawn: “I guess because I was very calm, and the officer said ‘you look tense.’ And I said ‘you have a loaded pistol.’ He put his gun away and left. But he would have happily killed me. And it would have been ‘self defense, he was afraid for his life’ and I would have been shot dead over a bunch of xerox copies of the 1919 race riot reports. Of course I’m a ‘threat to law enforcement,’ researching as a postgraduate student.”

Randy Short’s grandmother and grandfather had to escape lynching attempts. His brother survived an attempted homicide by a police officer. And he has had experiences with police, “enough to understand it’s easy to die, it’s easy to get killed, it’s easy to get beaten. So of course I’m very concerned about police brutality. But it’s only a symptom of my people as a collective not being free.”

In this interview Randy cites Twin Cities sources who say the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin involved more than meets the eye, and should become the focus of a police corruption and organized crime investigation.

For my take on the big picture, see “George Floyd Killing: Mafia Murder or Human Sacrifice?” and “US Bankers Stole $7 Trillion During COVID Crisis (and their Media Is Changing the Subject to Race“).

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