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FFWN: Stop Zio-Wahhabi War on Iran!

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This week’s guest host: Dr. Alan Sabrosky, ex-Head of Strategic Studies, US Army War College


1) Help FFWN Spread the Truth & Stop War on Iran



3) NYT: Did the Saudis Play a Role in 9/11? Here’s What We Found

4) Yes, Omar al-Bayoumi Had Foreknowledge of 9/11—Because He Worked for CIA-MI6-Mossad

5) Architect Of CIA’s (9/11 PATSY) Torture Program Says It Went Too Far

6) French publisher apologizes after history textbook suggests CIA ‘orchestrated’ 9/11 terror attacks (“Terribly sorry we neglected to give the Mossad the credit it deserves”)

7) “Lucky Larry” Silverstein Needs Lucky NYC Tech Boom—If Not Will Jewish Lighting Strike Twice?

8) The Expression “Jewish Lightning” Is Anti-Semitic! – Larry Silverstein

Impeachment Circus

9) Trump Just Hired Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers

10) Triggered Trumpers call for violence against Michigan Democrats and Muslims in vile Facebook page

Trump Economic Miracle

11) Despite record low unemployment, 44% of U.S. workers are in low-wage jobs: Study

12) Richest 1% owns more than TWICE as much wealth as 6.9 billion people – Oxfam

War on Iran

13) How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump’s True Motives in Iraq

14) Trump Threatens to Kill Iran’s Supreme Leader

15) US Officials Admit Covert Tech Program Is Fueling Iran Protests

16) Neocon War Criminal Wurmsur Should Have Been Executed for Iraq—Now He’s Running Trump’s War on Iran

17) Iran will leave pact barring it from getting nukes if complaint over 2015 deal filed with UN – Zarif

18) Who Targeted Ukraine Airlines Flight 752?

19) Who’s Brainwashing Trump and the American People to Hate Iran?   (Kevin in American Free Press) (requires subscription)

War on Syria

20) Standoff: U.S. troops block Russian forces from capturing Syrian oil field

21) UN Security Council Hears OPCW Inspector Testimony About The Manipulation Of ‘Chemical Attack’ Reports

SARS: Germ Warfare vs. China?

22) New Improved SARS BioWeapon Tested in China?

23) US Biological Warfare A toxic cocktail of germ warfare and big lies (background for SARS story)

War on Freedom

24) Virginia: thousands of armed protesters rally against gun control bills

25) Banning Facial Recognition Isn’t Enough


26) ‘Absolute red alert’: Journalist Glenn Greenwald charged with cybercrimes in Brazil

27) Jeff Bezos hack: Amazon boss’s phone ‘hacked by Saudi crown prince’

Holocaust Religion

28) World Leaders Descend on Israel to Worship the Sacred Holocaust

29) 150 Million Holocaust Deniers?! Half of Americans don’t know 6m Jews were killed in Holocaust, survey says

30) Wahhabis in Auschwitz

31) Wahhabis Convert to Holocaustianity (satire)

Jeffrey Epstein Satire: A New Genre

32) Satirical ‘Historic Landmark’ Plaque For Alan Dershowitz Added To Jeffrey Epstein’s Former UES Mansion

33) Plan B: New “Deal of the Century” Moves “Jewish State” to Jeffrey Epstein’s Islands


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